Monologue v internal monologue pt5: pitch

In this post, will contain  what was in the pitch, feedback and conclusion.
Presented my pitch to a group of people,  and this was their feedback


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Pitch  feedback
-What is the title?
-The doctor one might  be too complicated.
-They asked how  it can show the expressions.
-That instead of dialog it can be shown through expression.
-It looked uninteresting up till the point of when the doctor eats him.
-Suggestion to have a look at ant and bug life.
-Eating the ant is like nature.

-The baby one could work, if you switch 2 frames around. That the reveal is at the end. The mother could know that the baby is ugly or beautiful and the other people think its ugly. The reveal frame can be held.

In conclusion: need to refine and think about the aesthetic of the character and environment more.  Rework the idea. For the design slide at that stage was mainly thinking about leg placement, need to expand on the character design.


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