Monologue v internal monologue pt8 Record of making.

12/ 10/ 2016
Heard that with the Arnold renderer you get a watermark when you tried to batch render. So decided to animate the camera on to a cube to see what happens. Batch rendering in Arnold is not even an option, this error message appeared.

arnold no batch render.JPG

Asked someone if he could render Arnold on his computer.

This is the watermark that showed up, apparently the Arnold rendered is extremely slow. In conclusion, that renderer is un-usable as well as there’s something wrong with my computer for it to not even show that.

Decided to run more tests before modelling or animating anything, just in case the software wasn’t compatible.  Decided to try if Maya software batch still works in 2017.
maya software  error message.JPG
In conclusion: before starting the actual project already hit a few problems.

Closed the program reopened it. Arnold still does not work, Maya software works.
maya hardware error message.JPG
Maya hardware, Maya hardware 2.0 , vector don’t work either so the only rendered I can use is Maya software for batch render.

Went back on to the Autodesk website to download mental ray, there doesn’t seem to an option for the 2017 version, only for the 2016 version.

In the scenario If modelled   and animated in the 2017 version wanted to check if could import a 2017 version into a 2016 version to render. So decided to try and import an old project done in 2016 into this new 2017 version.  The animation still works in this different Maya software version, it just had an error message that the mental ray nodes are missing and the textures are missing.
In conclusion: for now going to stick to Maya 2017 but have to think about using the old version to render.

Someone suggested to update my drivers,   turns out never installed it. Installed it and all the render’s apart from Maya software still doesn’t work.
 In conclusion, going to either have to: stick with Maya software, re-download 2016 to use mental ray, research other methods to be able to use the other renders after animating.

12/ October/ 2016
TAG 12% base  charcter design.jpg
Mainly blocked out the base shapes going to model. Plan to model the clothing on top as well as this stage haven’t finalised what the characters are going to look like.

14/ October/ 2017
Turns out  normally if putting an old version to a new version of software there’s  normally no problem however issues might arise if I try to import a 2017 file into a 2016 version. In conclusion before the texturing stage, going to have to re download 2016 and actually test out if the 2017 file animation works out fine in the 2016 version. At least at this stage if there’s something wrong, won’t have to redo the finial animation in 2016 just to render.
Showed and talked through the summary of the storyboard,  blocked out sketch and the 3D base character so far.
They  seemed confused when I tried to explain the gist of the storyboard.
They suggested:  that the 2 worlds may not be necessary, a fantasy within a fantasy. Questioned if their living in a fantasy, why they were in a hospital, that the children can still   be waiting outside waiting to eat him.   That the doctor is pretending to be sympathetic but really just waiting for him to die and feed her children, that I could use the same model for all the characters just add detail and make each one slightly different. They mentioned something about the leg of the model, to look at bugs life.

In conclusion: I need to look at more references to base a design on before modelling more, as well as think more about the story.



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