Monologue v internal monologue pt9 Record of making

14/ October/ 2016
Mainly experimented with the aesthetics of the eyes and hair. Started to think about the position of  the jaw. Later on going to experiment the shape of jaw and antennas.

16/October/ 2016
1 TAG 18% female front.jpg
modelled the breasts. Thought the coat looked too revealing so redid the coat. In conclusion the extra effort of defining the breast was wasted.

( Just made it white for now so can tell the difference on what’s clothing and what’s the body)

18/ 10/ 2016
T shirted male
1TAG 9%  t-shirt.jpg
2 versions of pillow.
v1 nad v2  bed.PNG
Seemed too flat, so did it again.
TAG ver1 bed model  6%.png

The handles look like a deformed pretzel. In conclusion going to remodel it if have time at the end, at this rate need to just bulk out the base environment faster.

Iv and  blood pouch rack
TAG 3% ver1 chair  jpg.jpg
19/10/ 2016
side table
v1  TAG 5% side table .jpg

Normal table.
1 TAG 10% table .jpg
Looked off, looked at references then did it again.


25/10/ 2016
In Quxiel when tried to texture something, the texture would not show up or disappear when clicked on it again, as well so wasn’t able to export the files. It only worked when deleted the files was not using. In conclusion there was a corrupted file. To solve the issue of missing texture, tried  obj- ing separate components of the bed, then retexture.

Tried to texture bed in Quxeil. A chunk appeared grey, back in Maya odd white lines appeared. To try and fix this   went and manually edited the texture in Photoshop. In conclusion its either the UV or something is wrong with Quxeil.


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