Monologue v internal monologue pt10: Feedback

Showed   my 3D models so far and draft textures to a group of  people.
Their feedback and questions was:
-Have you  looked at lighting reference?
-They mentioned something about hospitals mood boards, and aesthetics.
-The greens and blues look really strong, what does it look like when its rendered.
-They’ve mentioned normally in hospitals scenes it’s more muted.
-The background to be more muted so the character is visible.
-Are the children going to be In the shot? , it would be a lot easier if they weren’t. The children don’t have to be in the room all the time.
-They suggested  branches or twigs coming out of the IV rack.
-Someone suggested to close up the gap in the coat to make the  collar, while one suggested to keep the cleavage.
– One  referred to have a look at “ adventure time  the dentist”


Army ants, the “ dentist room” have a laid back chair like the dentist room.  The background is colours of a muted coloured army tent; browns and green, colours hinting to real ant habitat. The background has a cross, while fin has bandages that hints to medical use, making the viewer connecting it to the dentist as well as they keep mentioning they are the dentists.

Looked at how they portrayed their ants, no defined body segments but blobs, 2 arms.

In conclusion after the feedback:
Going to rethink the textures, colours, tone it down. Don’t need to be completely faithful to what a doctor uniform looks like for example in this they portrayed dentist with a disk on their head. Dentist don’t wear disks on their head. To consider if can’t fix  the antennas on the model might hide the spot  with a hat.

Dailymotion. (2015). Adventure Time Season 6 Episode 21 – The Dentist – S06E21 – Видео Dailymotion. [online] Available at: [Accessed 28 Oct. 2016].


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