Monologue v internal monologue pt11 Record of making

30 Saturday / 10/ 2016
Asked my fiancé  their  opinion on the head.
(Version 3)

Their feedback: that looks terrifying. You’re going to fail your degree. The topology is terrible; you won’t be able to animate that.  You should just start over. It looks ready to attach to the body if you don’t plan on making them speak.

In conclusion: already behind schedule going to either try and do the head one more time or plan the animation so it has no speech/ camera angles so it’s not focused on the character when they speak.

1 / November/ 2016


Altered the head.
Feedback: it looks better but you’ve got a lot of edge loops on the eyes. You should leave it and just start attaching it to the body, just in case you mess something up again.

Base heads, female and male  difference

For the female had it slightly curled antennas, like in nature made the female head and jaw larger than the males. Going to put hair on it if have time.

Sunday 06/11/ 2016

Tried to re-texture the male ant in Quixel. It kept crashing. When it did work exported the file back into Maya, can see the seams and it looked hideous, ended up re-texturing the albedo in mud box.

(Below is the re-texture, re imported back into Maya)

In conclusion: Quixel is too demanding and can’t handle much layers before it crashes. Can only do base layers, then would have to put it together/ further editing in mud box in the future.

When I tried painting the skin weight from the T-shirt, once covered up one hole, another appeared.


Errors keep appearing when tried to add target to do the blend shapes for the face.
To correct the issue: someone suggested to combine the T-shirt then separate again, so it’s a new mesh. It worked.

At this stage it’s been 4 -5 day’s I’ve been trying to paint the skin weight onto the same clothing on to the same 2 ants. There was a lot of clipping that still occurred.
Feedback/ suggestion: someone suggested to make clothing they would personally make it as part of the model, not separate. Or use an N cloth, and the null object a lot smaller inside.  Another person suggested to make it go naked, that no one would miss it if it was never there, that the rig is the most important bit, while the hair and clothing are just extras.

In conclusion: instead of wasting even more days, doing exactly the same thing over and over and over, expecting it to eventually work. Decided to just cut out the clothing from the characters. For the male because the T-shirt is so tight anyway going to attempt to paint that on the actual male base, however the same can’t be said for the female doctor character.

polycout for eyelashes TAG  11% .jpg

The program kept crashing, Couldn’t figure out how to blend shapes with the eyelashes, without having to do a separate target for it, selecting every individual lashes took too long. As well as discovered the lashes made up more than half the poly count out from the 2 characters.

In conclusion, it’ll  take too long to:
1) If stick with the original lashes to animate them or render out the animation with them.
2) to Remake a different type of eyelashes, texture, skin weight it and  to rig it ect.

Ended up just deleting the eyelashes. In conclusion If I have time, I will draw on the lashes in close ups. ( someone mentioned they couldn’t see the lashes from a far anyway) These small details were taking too long.

13 / November / 2016

The eyes kept coming out of the sockets when I tried to constrain it, ended up just deleting the controls.
In conclusion: If  have time, I  will draw on the moving pupils at the end.
The program kept crashing every time I tried importing the characters into the environment. Ended up importing the environment into the character scene.


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