Monologue v internal monologue pt12 Record of making

15/ 11/ 2016

Every time I  untwist the female body, save then reopen it, it  twisted again.

17/11/ 2016

When rotate the head, the mouth keeps flopping opening. Before playing the set keys, the jaw worked fine and follows the head however  it doesn’t move after played the keys. It worked after deleting the jaw Ik handles, however the mouth still flopped open.( Even through didn’t set any blend shape keys, at all.)
6 TAG curtain scene  render test.jpg

Render test. For some reason for Maya software the flowers appear in front of the curtain and texture stretching on the curtain. In conclusion going to render the scene in Maya hardware 2.0 with no curtain, then add the curtain in post production.

Tried to animate the throwing head scene. However Maya didn’t seem to be playing all the keys and really slowly.  Decided to try and  render it out  to see if it  keys are registering at all.

45  tweak   start actual animting waiting room    .0347.png
when I tried to render out the waiting room in Maya software render, streaks appeared.  Tried it again, same thing happened, so ended up rendering it out in Maya hardware 2.0 to correct the issue.



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