Monologue v internal monologue pt14 Finial pieces

In this  post will depict:   the full animation version,  short 1 minute version  and feedback gathered.

Full version:

backup link : you tube ( with subtitles, since there was complaints of clarity of dialog, click on the “cc” on video to view)

Back up link 2:

short 1  minute version

Back up link: youtube

backup link 2:

The movement came out really awkward, but it was submitted on time. That’s all that matters at this stage.

person 1
slightly disturbed. The movement seems weird, especially the walk cycle and when the person is grabbing the green thing. It doesn’t seem natural.

person 2:
They asked why there was a beeping noise,  they  suggested to  either  show the heart machine  at the beginning or to get rid of the  noise because as a viewer they  didn’t  connect the noise to the machine and it ended up just being a random  loud noise at the background.

Like last year placed the animation on an art sharing site to see the general public opinion.Who doesn’t know anything about the project to reduce bias.

1) what do you think the animation is about?
2)what does the characters resemble to you?
3)  What locations do you think the animation is set at?
4) Does the audio sound appropriate to the piece/ thoughts on the audio?
5) likes/ dislikes and reason why?
6) Any keywords come to mind? e.g. atmosphere/ key items/what you thought about it?
7) Improvement suggestions?


5 da.JPG


Unfortunately wasn’t able to record  all the sound, had to use a sound from the internet for the  heart beat sound.

Sound Reference:
Koenig, Mike. “Heart Rate Monitor Flatline Sounds | Effects | Sound Bites | Sound Clips From Soundbible.Com”. N.p., 2009. Web. 2 Dec. 2016.


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