Monologue v internal monologue pt15 evaluation

Overall around 1-minute animation, possibly over multiple pieces.
Yes created an animation that was exactly 1 minute long

Animation, Set at 24 FPS, format mp4 H264 at 1280 x 720.

Conflicted characters- what they say and think don’t match up.
somewhat. For instance, the female doesn’t want to help the male ant but takes care of him anyway.

2D 3D animation hybrid
2D sections: eye movement, “blood”, the larvae head dance, the line at the end
3D sections: everything else.
1 eva table.JPG


Time, for  future reference:
1) Better time management   is needed, watch more tutorials and practice. Because 4 days to try and skin weight 2 pieces of clothing that still ended up unusable is not acceptable and a waste of time.
2) Better problem solving/ think up more solutions instead of doing the same thing for several days.
3) know when to stop something and try a different solution/ move on to the different task, to reduce the amount of time wasted. ( eg  painting skin weights on the clothes)
4) Put more thought into what’s important and what’s not in an animation.
5) set a time limit per task and stick to it.

What went well:
The animation was blocked out enough to be submitted on time, moves awkwardly, but submitted on time.
Faults with the animation:
– story line, from feedback people seem to be confused to what is going on.
-walk cycle (from feedback)
-There was clipping from the leg to the floor in the waiting room.
To solve this should have added more keys in-between.
-The sound isn’t in a consist volume, wrong with the voice acting.
-Got bored watching my own animation. Should of Came up with a more interesting idea or a way to tackle it.
-The only animated eye movement, looked off.  To solve this should of correctly constrain the eyes instead of giving up and trying to do it in 2D.
-The “blood” looked off.
– The line on the monitor at the end looked unnatural, should of placed that on as a texture, instead of trying to keep it in place in premier.
-wasn’t able to animate everything for example all the mouth, jaw, antennae’s, eye movement. Half the time the arm is just there, not put in its proper place.  Wasn’t able to animate the scene with the aphids blinking or the male ant Steve eating from them.
-Forgot to animate the breasts so in some sections it looked stretched and out of place.
-camera angles, should have picked different shots. For example, at the end of the waiting room, you can’t see the male ant close his eyes.
-There was literally no point animating the side ants in the waiting room, they weren’t even noticeable.
-The movement was a huge issue.

In conclusion: for the future
-Need to make the animation more interesting.
-To ask other people to voice act and make the volume consistent.
-Think up better ideas that make sense.
-More practice,
-watch more tutorials beforehand, instead of    trying to jump straight in the task.
-Better time management.


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