The occurrence with 2 heads: part 3 research

Decided to look at both  arguments of whether or not animation is a genre or just for kids, because they are both connected. Especially in western view of animation.

First looked at the definition of genre:

A literary genre is a category of literary composition. Genres may be determined by literary technique, tone, content, or even (as in the case of fiction) length.

Against it being genre
Quote by “ Brad Bird’s”
Quote by Daniel paper “Conventional definitions of genres tend to be based on the notion that they constitute particular conventions of content (such as themes or settings”
For being genre
For it to be a genre normally a set of rules of what it is applied to it, and people expect a certain set of things to happen within that genre.

Quote “American animated films are strikingly similar in that they are mostly G or PG-rated comedic capers with stories and characters intended to appeal to younger moviegoers.”

counterargument: In western animation, its normally targeted at the  child audience and can be mistaken for that, however when looking at Japanese animation they have  many  categories within  anime. For example: comedy, psychological, horror.  With the idea of sub genres, its argued   that animation is like the main heading then branches off   with sub genres inside of it.


Why Do People Think Animation is for Kids?
Argument for why animation is for kids:

In the video it explains people think animation are for children is because of: profit, ease of finding it, social stance.
-Due to marketability most animation that people are aware of are “family friendly” because  for that market there’s a the larger target audience. The more money the animation studios can make. Because people are less exposed to adult animations, they automatically assume that animations are just for children.
– He points out animations with a higher age rating are generally harder to find, this goes back to the point people are less exposed to these type of animations and just assuming  animations are just for kids.
In conclusion: might  put In the idea of lack of exposure as part of the argument.

Why Cartoons AREN’T Just for Kids

In this video it points out the issue was that some animations was solely to sell their products, this made people think animations are just for children. Because toys are mainly aimed for children.  Another point was how the decline of the quality of animation when it was first introduced to television and how some was made educational for children. This was the point where some people would mistake all animations for children, whereas In the past  adult would flock to the cinema to watch animations as a positive social event.

Because of these reasons it argued western animations is a genre because who its normally aimed at, style and lack of  some other themes. For instance:  major violence, drug and drink.

Examples of animations not appropriate for young children:
Blood c,

Excessive amount of blood because of its horror genre, if it was made into a live action it probably would get the 18 rating.  It also has a nudity scene.

Introducing Steve, the Gimp | Mr Pickles | Adult Swim

Mr pickles
Someone gets killed nearly every episode, sexual content.

Sausage party,
2 c.jpg
Contains profanity, sexual innuendo, violence and themes of alcohol.

South park
Due to: its adult humor, political humor, racism, sexual innuendo ect.

Family guy
4 c.jpg
Due to it adult humor and themes, For example episodes of: murder, drugs and controversial topics.

Fritz the Cat

Happy Tree Friends. The dark humor, watching the animals get manned and killed in different way. Even through visually it looks like it’s something that might appeal to children, the content is not moral to show to children. Unless trying to make the young child, a future serial killer.

This animation is an example of it being unmoral to show a young child. They might develop a fear of flying after watching it, with the amount of blood and death. However, some may argue it might be suitable for children because of the bright colours, unrealistic flat colour of blood.   Animal programs are deemed suitable for children, there’s death in that all the time with for example animals eating other animals. On that note it might be deemed as appropriate for children, but mainly not.

Shocking “Plague Dogs” Animated Scene

This scene is an example that it’s not suitable for children to watch therefore for the argument that animation isn’t just for kids. It’s got the theme of guns and blood. It’s not moral to show children blood or guns.  The dark colours appeal more to an adult audience then bright colours. The actual film was really dry and political. Children might of not followed that.

The entire hentai section. If pornography isn’t acceptable to show to a child, animated isn’t ever.

Children are known to be impressionable and will try to imitate what they see.

For example of the “ bobo doll”  experiment. There were 3 main groups: One control group where the children was not exposed to any role model, 1 group where they were exposed to either a female or male aggressive role model and the last group was exposed to a non-aggressive female or male role model. The children would watch them for 10 minutes.  Then the child one by one will go into a separate room. They would be purposely aggravated then their behaviour was recorded from a one-way mirror.  The result of the study was that the group that was shown an aggressive role model, displayed more imitated aggressive  behaviour then the non-aggressive or   control group.
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