The occurrence with 2 heads: part 4 script and Character

Final piece:
script: deathlake-v2-the-occurrence-with-2-heads-script


According to the internet Abbas  has both Hebrew and Arabic origin. The meaning:  Abbas meaning “stern”, “sombre” “father” and it’s a male name.  For Arabic it mentions “king” “lion” and “ stern”, It’s also a name of one of the prophets with religious meaning.

Decided to go with the name “Sacri” at first because it sounds like “sacrifice”. Searched up the numerology meaning, since couldn’t find an actual name meaning.  The meanings it gave: an extravagant person that like others to see it, A seductive charmer, dislikes orders and hierarchy, weakness includes eyes hurting. After reading this decided to make the character half nude and have gold everywhere.

Asked someone what target audience the character looks like it’s aimed at.
looks like it’s aimed at emo suicidal kids, it looks like it’s drawn from a emo scene kid.
In conclusion: need to avoid drawing things like this in the future, research more styles before drawing.

Record of making:
At the beginning was going with black but decided to go with brown because that’s more natural colour to nature. Decided to use the colour gold to symbolize power and status.  For the background was deciding between blue and red. Blue to make it more towards the semi Egyptian theme. Red towards more of the human sacrifice theme, as well as its more eye catching.
v1 draft front TAG 100%.jpg
sitting on gimp jpg TAG 8 %^.jpg
In this one was trying to colour the character in. Was aiming to draw out a female head but now it looks like a prepubescent boy. Not what was intended but there was no time to do much about it.  Tried to draw the eyes but it looked off, so decided to remove them.  The colours seemed too bright so first turned it black and white. It looked boring, so tried toning down the colours instead of it completely black and white.
Was experimenting with the ears, to try and resemble a goat. The third one didn’t look like a ear while the 2nd one looked like an elf.
Feedback: the first on looks weird, I prefer the forth one.

With Abbas the skulled character. Had same issue with colour as well as needed to tone it down somewhat, to match the other head. The reason why I did a generic character: 1 because it was the first thing to come to mind as well as I don’t have time to sit there and think too long what to draw with the deadline so close.
2: because   people will instantly think the character is:  demonic in some way, supernatural, a god, a sacrificial offering, death. Making it somewhat unsuitable for children and hopefully more suitable for teens/ adults.
Anthropomorphism characters are normally aimed at children. Tried to avoid that. Decided to not go with a Anthropomorphic bread stick, because that seemed to be aimed to young children too much.

Name meaning references: (n.d.). Abbas Name Meaning in Urdu – Abbas meaning عباس, Arabic Girls & Boys Names. [online] Available at: [Accessed 9 Dec. 2016]. (n.d.). Name Sacri Meaning – Sacri Definition. [online] Available at: [Accessed 9 Dec. 2016]. (n.d.). Abbas name meaning. [online] Available at: [Accessed 9 Dec. 2016]. (n.d.). Abbas – Name Meaning, What does Abbas mean?. [online] Available at: [Accessed 9 Dec. 2016].


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