The occurrence with 2 heads: pt5 evaluation

500 words
slightly conflicting because the brief says 500 words while in an email it says 500 words is a guideline and can go over.
yes went slightly over the 500 words.
In conclusion: for the future  need to be more descriptive of  the actions/ setting. Include more examples and explanation for each point during the argument. In conclusion, need to read more scripts so have more of an idea of how to format a script.

Address that animation is not just for children

somewhat. Gave examples of animations not suitable for children however should have addressed how there’s animations that can be enjoyed and suitable for everyone. Elaborate even more why it’s not suitable for children.

Distinctive pose
Not really, the characters are just in a standing pose.

Target audience teens and adults
Not really.  It somewhat fits because It’s not appropriate to children because its semi-nude, in the image in the script they’re sitting on a slave (gimp). The actual script mentions hentai which is not suitable for children and has examples of animations for an older audience.  The visual style and colour isn’t appealing to an older audience. In conclusion learn to draw better, that doesn’t look cartoony, think about colour, style, research what appeals to different audiences.

For the “Sacri” character to look like a female goat human
No it looks like a pre-adolescent boy with deer antlers.

For “Abbas” to look like a ram’s head:
Yes, but could have drawn or coloured the head differently, redraw the horns, so it would look  more natural or add extra features.

The characters looked generic and cringy, should of came up with a better idea or tackled the visuals better.

In conclusion for the future:
-better time management is needed,
– More visual style research,
-More target audience research,
-think about target audience more,
-more experimental with the drawing,
-practice drawing more,
-think about colour and style,
-draw the character in different positions, facial expressions for a better grasp of what the character is like,
-add a description of what the character is like.


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