Dialogue, action and interaction pt2: Initial research

Examples of pair of people working together.  Started to look at these as an initial starting point for research. First looked at examples on the brief then went on in search engines to dig up more inspiration, as well as seeing similarity’s to consider for finial piece.

The princess and the frog

They both arguing about each other deceiving each other of who they are, but they both work together to not be eaten by the crocodiles. The male making a deal that if she saves him he gives her something in the long term.


At first the 2 was fighting over trying to make everything their colour however they both reached the common goal by realizing both can create a “new” colour, purple. Then they both work together to make everything purple.
Speed, pauses when they look at each other.
Both distinctively different e.g.  Both different colours, once shorter and different shape. One has 1 eye the other has 2 eyes.
– no voice, just music and sound effect for the zap.

Cat helps dog escape

The cat helps the dog out by hoping the door while the dog just watches  the cat do all the work.

Dog Carries Kitten Upstairs

common goal: get up the stairs.
The cat that is being helped is smaller and less capable then the dog.

In conclusion: so far there seem to be one less able character, and the stronger one helps the other out   to achieve the common goal. Even through the stronger character can easily achieve the goal without helping eg in this case the cat.

Service dog helping checkout at groceries store

common goal: for food to get on the  conveyor belt. In this one the  dog is being commanded to do so.

Animal Heroes 4 (Best Edition) | Animal Saves and Helps Other Animal

Relevance of this video to the project because it depicts animal cooperation for a common goal therefore it’s good to look at for inspiration for the project. See how the animals interact with each other and taking note.
-Horse feeding other horse even through there’s a barrier between them.
common goal = one horse wants to eat; the other horse wants the other horse to eat.
– A crow feeding a dog
– A dog desperately trying to keep the fish alive by pushing water to it.
– A orangutan trying to save a creature from the water, first using a leaf. Then they watched over it.
Common goal:  the creature wants to get out, the orangutan wants to get it out of the water and it’s doing ok.
– A bear saving the struggling bird out of water.
The Common goal: was the bird wanted to get out of the water, and the bear wanted to get the bird out of the water.
-A dog attacking a kitten, what looks like a mother cat helping the kitten by attacking the dog.
Common goal: the kitten wants to be left alone, the adult cat wants the kitten left alone.  What looks like a mother protecting her kittens.
– A bear helping a cub through a barrier.
Common goal: for all of them to go over it and out of the road.
-A bigger dog helps the smaller dog out of the water and drags it to a safe range away from the water.
Common goal: The little dog wanted to get out the water, the big dog wanted to  get the little dog out of the water.
      – The  cub / little bear  struggling to get out, the big polar bear helps it struggle less/ going in deeper by going  behind it, but don’t physically help it up. Nudges it and let themselves get out of the water.
Common Goal: The cub wanted to get out the water, the bigger polar bear wanted the cub to get  out of the water.
– A bear trying to get a cub off the tree.  By bending and climbing the tree.  But end up just breaking it down.
Common goal: cub wants to get down, the adult wants to get it down.
– Elephants helping together to help a baby elephant out of the water.

In conclusion: its normally one needing help while the other helps and gains nothing from it most of the time. Might incorporate this idea in the final piece.  “Self-less actions in the benefit of others”
– From The polar bear scene, instead of having one character completely helping out the other, might implement where one character nudges the other to complete the goal somewhat on their own.

Madagascar Penguins Best and funniest Team work

They all played different roles for the common goal to nick a vehicle. They all look similar but different heights, shapes, voices and expressions. Found it hilarious a grandmother can do a flip and it looked like the penguins wanted to run her over after finding out shes not dead.

Pigeons – Cute animation cartoon

3 identical birds, Working together to try and get a cupcake, fail but get a  given a worm handed to them anyway. At some stage one of the birds had an evil expression.

How Does Cooperation Evolve?

They both use each other.
Common goal: to Survive.

Sesame Street – “Cooperation”

In this the purple character seem to want the goal more.  He struggles, gets someone to help. Making the joint common goal: to lift the giant apple somewhere so they can both eat it. They both have distinctively different colours and shapes.

1-working-together-picturesThought the first image is different. A smaller creature (the ant) helping a lot larger creature with a tool. Might incorporate reversed roles. Thought the third image was generic so not going to have  people climb a mountain. 2nd image “man’s best friend” comes to mind.
2-working-together-picturesFood, food, water/ traveling rescue, water, travel, obstacle, food.

In conclusion:
-The smaller character is normally the one struggling and the bigger one is the one helping.
– water and food seem to be a reoccurring theme.
– no Talking in most of them so in conclusion might not include talking in the final piece.
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