Dialogue, action and interaction pt3: Garlic

Researching garlic is relevant to the project because a couple ideas already revolve around garlic.

Black garlic: according to articles,   the strong smell and taste disappear. The flavour changes to a sweet and sour taste. Like dried fruit it has a chewy and Smokey taste.

– Increase immune system
-Improve cardiovascular health
( improve  blood flow, lowers blood pressure, helps against clothing, improves lipids ( fatty acids)

-Reduce cancer  because its toxic to certain cancer cells as such as  in the lung, brain, pancreatic and breast .
– helps to get rid of  with drug resistant tuberculosis, HIV and herpes.
– it contains something similar to Allicin ( which is like a natural antibiotic)
– contains  saponins that helps against bacterial and fungal infections.
-Can reduce risk of Alzheimer’s and aging diseases.
2-garlic-table(screen shot of table from article)  On an article it displayed different type of garlics and its different flavours, some “sweet”, spicy and buttery.

In conclusion might incorporate this in the animation. Didn’t realise there was “black garlic” where people ferment garlic, therefore going to think about: colour that isn’t just a cream colour for garlic and health properties.

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