Action and interaction pt6

This post contains: notes, scuba diving deaths, Underwater mood board, aesthetics research, items people found and a little narration research.

  • Top 5 Scuba Diving Facts

-”suba” definition: “Self contained under water breathing apparatus”
-Wetsuit keep them warm because of the nitrogen gas bubbles.
-Wet suits invented in 1952
-Altitude diving  happens at 1,000ft (304.8 meters) above sea level.
-In the usa navy they  recommend 12 hour wait before diving.
-19000 ft in chile licancabur in 1982 for the deepest recorded.
-Decompression sickness don’t just happen to scuba divers.
– scuba diving can cause“ nitrogen narcosis”. Drowsy state   or act drunk by  breathing air  under pressure. That can start at 100 ft under water. Oxygen at this level can become toxic.
-Deeper under water colour is lost ( dues to light wavelenghs)
-Sound travels 4.5x faster in water.
In conclusion: need to think about speed of sound and colour.

Diver Records His Own Death as He Sinks to The Ocean Floor

It was a diving instructor that died.
Narcosis is a big factor.
– improper Breathing apparatus.
-130 ft considered outside of recreational diving.
– theories of his heavy camera contributed. Malfunction of bouncy control device.
Lots of disorientating camera angles. Blurry, rays of light, streams of air bubbles. View of hands. Colour of red.

In conclusion: Going to think about the sound of water, make the camera angles confusing and looking about everywhere if film in 1st person perspective. Water waves, particles floating about, mainly focus on the sound, possible timer on the scene. Might include the person that is in charge at the beginning, to  drown.

5 Most Disturbing DEEP SEA DIVER Videos Caught On Camera

At 2:44 it ironically states a person called David died while trying to recover a dead body got Dean. Their “straps from their body bag got tanged with the head lights” ( officially death from problems with respiratory  because of the high pressure)

At 3:26 . ( video shot at 50ft deep) A man yanks off someone’s breathing equipment.

In conclusion: might incorporate an idea of  someone messing with peoples equipment/ something ironic.

All the truth about the death of Audrey Mestre
Apnee Freediving Apnoe

Watching this video was relevant to see different ways people die underwater as well as different type of diving, as inspiration for what to put in the finial animation.
-“no limits free diving” is where to descend 100 of feet on a weighted sledge with 1 breath of air.
-In 2002 august 12, she tried to attempt  breaking a record by diving “564 ft “ ( 171 meters)  with one breath of air, and died.
-Issues of the lift balloon when she was at the bottom.
-Lack of safety divers in different markers.
– she  should have been in water for 3 minutes but because of the issue, she ended up in there for  8 and a half.
-No doctor on board.
-It was said her husband was the one that kept pushing her to go further because he couldn’t go  that far himself.
-The couple was on the brink of divorce and its argued  that her husband purposely  avoided filling the air tank on the sled due to jealousy of her getting attention. ( confirmed in a court)
-Scuba divers spend hours  to decompress compared  3 min for a free diver at the same depth.
– that you should never ascend above the height of the bubbles.
In conclusion she got cocky and died /  lack of action/ sabotage/ power/control might incorporate this theme in the finial piece.

Freediving Documentary – Tanya Streeter The Woman Who Dives the Deepest – Apnea Apnee

-Ears risk of popping, might incorporate that in finial piece.
-Free divers” pack” when they force air into their longs before the dive.
Test air holding on the surface of the water before the dive

Dying to Dive. Underwater Search for Serenity with World’s Top Freedivers

Delta P

Watching this video is relevant to see different peoples could die under water. Those issues can count as a “ obstacle”.
-2:53 gives footage of “delta p” where a crab gets crushed and sucked in a tiny hole.
Narration while animated recreations played, bold divers.
In conclusion might consider this element in the finial  piece.

under water.JPG

10 Rare Deep Sea Catches

Relevance to looking at this video was creature inspiration.

Dakuwaqa’s Garden – Underwater footage from Fiji & Tonga

Their choice of music made  it even more interesting  to watch and sets the atmosphere. In conclusion in the finial  piece I need to consider music choice to: make the animation less boring then the last project, to  set the scene.

Watching this video was relevant because: it has footage of how divers get into the water, the scuba diving swimming, footage of the larger space of the underwater, coral, and different fish. Therefore watching this video was good  for inspiration.

Mermaids: The Body Found

-Animal calls, conspiracy theories, government cover-ups  strange weapon discovery’s , eerie music. At 25:20 they in a room with a map.
– At 55:12 it explains there’s historical references to them from different cultures, even through there is  no complete physical/  clear footage evidence of them existing.

In conclusion after watching this going to consider: if having a story if told in the past, weather or not for the finial piece to be a documentary narration format/re-enactment clip style, if it has a conspiracy element.


In conclusion: not going to have narration like this, thought it was extremely annoying.

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