Dialogue, action and interaction pt10: storyboard

16 Monday / January/ 2017
This was the pitch I presented to a group of people.

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Choose to do include a heart segment is because during the garlic research they mention it improve cardiovascular health.  The smell of fruits, due to people complain about the smell of garlic, the flesh to be “potent” with the idea the garlic fish lasts a long time to eat.

Pitch Feedback
-They questioned the pocket at the end, because they thought diving suits don’t have pockets.
-They questioned  if it was going to be 2D or 3D, that it would be tricky to do water 3D.
-If the garlic fish was going to be 2D or 3D.

In conclusion: going to  change the pocket section, to the chocking person to have the fish come out their mouth.

20 / January Friday / 2017
Showed a group of people the storyboard and research so far.
They suggested to show the character motivation, that more than one element in the story section can get confusing/ can cut down, for it to be a minute. While another mentioned a legend is supposed to mention many things.
– someone asked what the heart was for.
– One of the divers could have one arm.
– Asked if it was because one is missing a limb, for money or fame.
-Why would someone want extra limbs.
-That at the map section they could already be In the water.
– They could have an indicator that they found the right place, for example during the story section
they could mention where in the world/ the fish preference.
-One asked if it was in a “Deathlake”
– The fish could be glowing.
– what the characters going to look like.
-They mentioned something about lifetime worth of work.

In conclusion: going to cut out the map scene, instead it’s just going to be a montage of them diving in to the water. Might have the fish feast on a certain type of coral mentioned in the   book section or, garlic shells float to the floor. For the book section I’m going to have to cut down on the points for the garlic fish or  have some indicator of what the characters are going for,  briefly before they enter the water.

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