Dialogue, action and interaction pt11: feedback

6/ 02/ 2016

In this post is people’s feedback on my work so far, with these 3 questions.

1 )How is my work so far? i.e do you get where its heading from what i’ve done so far? Does it meet my pitch? (see my blog for pitch)

Aaron – Still in the modelling, texturing phase, will you have enough time to animate.

James: Well from what I can see you look like you’re still in the modelling stages of your project, which is good your fish looks very fish-like and ethe scene looks awesome although I’m a bit concern about the slight lag J But it looks like so far you are heading to the goal you set in the pitch

Max – I think it’s all cool in terms of design and planning, maybe start doing your animatics, blocking out rough poses and all that.

  • 2)Any suggestions you can make for improving my work or workflow? Try and be as specific as possible please.

Aaron – The colours/textures on the garlic fish will help a lot to distinguish what it is, the purple of the garlic and colour of the fish will contrast well

James: I guess the same as what Aaron said. I’d suggest maybe not spend too much time with the time on the modelling so you can move onto the animating J

Max – Your inspiration here is pretty vivid, and I like your ideas, but as it was already stated by others, try not spend less time on modelling and move into actual animation.

  • 3)Looking at all of the blog posts for this project what are your thoughts on how I am documenting this so far? Is it clear what I am attempting, why I am attempting that? Is it clear what I think about these attempts?

Aaron – need to update your progress on the models and landscape, a bit dated!

James: Put some of your work on your blog, it be cool to see how far you’ve progressed

Max – your research clearly shows what your inspirations were and I think your ideas work pretty good with everything you’ve gathered so far. Your blog also helps a lot when trying to understand what you’re actually doing. Keep it up!

In conclusion from the feedback, I need to:
Quickly get to the stage of animating, stop modelling, texture everything that is already modelled, rig the fish, and rethink the sea floor where the lagging is accruing and move on to the actual animating. As well as to make sure to update blog progress every so often.


One thought on “Dialogue, action and interaction pt11: feedback

  1. jools February 6, 2017 / 9:34 pm

    Yeah I agree about the posts. loads in January, then a big gap from 20th til today and it’d be nice to see some of the modelling that others refer to.
    I wondered when reading if you’d done any research on the relative lengths of each phase, so SHOULD you be animating by this point? I reckoned yes but wondered if you can do any of that kind of production schedule research?


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