Dialogue, action and interaction pt13: record of making

26/ January/2017
Regulator and air tank for the diver.

Draft texture.

(audio swiped in YouTube gallery) planning to find ambient music like that for the diving scenes.)
From research made sure the emergency regulator is yellow, underneath the normal regulator. The regulators on the characters right. Watched several videos but was still confused on the forth item so modeled a block to represent what it could be.  Decided to paint the strap from the bouncy jacket on to the tank instead of modelling an extra piece, to: avoid issues with skin weighting, reduce poly count and time spent.

28/ January/ 2017


29/ January / 2017

Tuesday 24 Jan/ 2017
z brush garlic fish
0  zbrush garlic fish TAG on fish 30% .jpg
Idea generation and have an idea of placement of fins.  Distortion on the tail.

27/ January/ 2017

1 Wednesday / February /2017
Remodel garlic fish in Maya

Decided to remodel the garlic fish in Maya because:  zbrush keeps crashing, to make it lower poly. By the time I figure out how to retopologize and export without crashing, could of remodeled, uv and textured the garlic fish as well as can control exactly where the edge loops are going to be.
A family member who walked past my computer asked why my fish looked like a piece of garlic.

In conclusion: I have achieved the shape of a garlic fish.

Forgot the mouth
3 Friday / February/2017

Was going to make a “box crab “box instead of the net to make it easier to animate however just remembered one character is going to have one arm. Went back to the idea of a net, did a test to see if I could just animate by moving the faces.
In conclusion: it’s very difficult to rotate, need to at least add one bone.


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