Dialogue, action and interaction pt13: record of making

7/ February / 2017
Altered the tail.
Base textured in quixel.
4 quxiel side TAG 22%.jpg
then painted on top in Mudbox because quixel  was too slow, as well as it tends to crash often.


7/ February / 2017
Boat draft texture
For now I’ve just used Maya default colours.

8/ February / 2017
Tried recording the narration, the first version when I tried recording it all in one take, and other version when do a sentence at a time.  The versions where I’m recording a sentence at a time doesn’t sound natural edited all together.
clip 3 and 4 shown
Feedback: Asked someone’s opinion on the sound clip they said they preferred the sound of sound clip 4, it sounded sexual and I was getting out of breath. They mentioned it sounded like it fits someone lusting over the fish while telling a story.

Exported back into Maya this happened
6 4  in maya eye thing TAG 9%.jpg
6 5 side TAG 17%.jpg
When exporting the sculpt layer from Mudbox, it projected on to the main body for some reason, tried to solve this by editing it in Photoshop.  The sculpt layer came out hideous so ended up decreasing the amount.

9/ February / 2017
texture knife
TAG 22% 5 texture.jpg
Experimented with the Patten of the wet suit.

They preferred the criss cross
In conclusion: going to go with the criss  cross pattern

11/ February / 2017
Textured net

3 whote net with rig TAG 6% IN CORNER.jpg

At beginning had issues of transparency so exported the Mud box layer then edited in Photoshop.
A black mark showed up in the handle, altered the UVS to correct it.
2 seam.JPG
Issues with seams on the net. Tried mirroring, but because its uneven, it didn’t work.
In conclusion for now going to leave it and sort it out near the end if there is time.


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