Dialogue, action and interaction pt14: record of making

12/ February / 2017
(mud box)
white or pink

For second character just altered colours on the criss cross.
Feedback: that pink looks disgusting, I prefer the white one.
Took the jaw and antennas off to see what it looks like. It looked odd.


diver close up clip
Going to leave it for now since you cant see it from a far.

looks more human but plain, I prefer the ant.
In conclusion: decided to keep the head ant features.
2 no antennas or jaw TAG 2% .jpg
Took the jaw and antennas off to see what it looks like. It looked odd.
It also caused everything to be unskinned and stopped the blend shapes from working.

Tried texturing the jaw invisible =  a visible hole  through the character face,  tested out texturing  part of it different colour. Looks even more hideous then it is.
looks more human but plain, I prefer the ant.
In conclusion: decided to keep the head ant features.

13/ feb/ 2017
1 ew boat.JPG

Stretched uvs, the textures look hideous. Went back and fixed the uvs.

In conclusion: might go back to Maya colors and never show front of the boat.

textured the  wheel thing

water melon coral. To make it less boring made variations of eaten parts of the watermelon coral.
Ironically tried to texture the watermelon with my stash of bacon and garlic bread photos. The texture looks stretched. In conclusion: going to have to sort out the UV and textures.
Thought about modelling extra detail with the water melon having little dips however you can’t tell the difference from far away. Several batches are going to be imported into the environment, the extra polys just for that little detail will slow it down.
5  coral rig TAG 13% .jpg
Rigged its little arms.

14/feb/ 2017
3 trying to blend shape
Tried to blend shape, this keeps happening.

24/ 02/ 2017
4 2017-02-24.png
Tried rigging the tubes in the air tank, this error message showed up.  Also skin weighting that many joints would take too long. In conclusion: going to have to animate it by the faces.

25/ 02/2017

4 when trying to chain
Error message when imported the anchor and chain. The simulation for the chain didn’t work because of the paint brushes, water shader and possibly because of the high poly counted. To solve this, I deleted the unnecessary chains and left them unsmoothed. The simulation for the chain works when the brushes and water is hidden.

26/ feb/ 2017
TAG 3%  female no arm.jpg

experimented with arm length, due to the issue what happened with the jaw, instead of deleting it, textured it invisible.
In conclusion: going to go with the second one.

2/ march/ 2017.

The moment I tried animating the diver, the program lagged making it almost un animatable. Tried hiding layers, deleting unneeded assets for that one scene, baking the simulations to the chain. Nothing solved the lag. Oddly the texture changes when I move the character is well, the tank doesn’t follow the body at some of the controllers.

Tried deleting history = most things become unskinned,

– tried deleting non deformer history =  the body become twisted and bent in places, like the characters has got rickets, the chain doesn’t work and  the anchor appeared  in a different spot.
-The blend shapes don’t seem to have a delay, but the movement from the controllers does.

In conclusion: the character is the issue, its complete garbage and I wasted so much time trying to fix it thinking it would save time reusing the same character. It didn’t. Now 2 weeks to the deadline it’s too late to do anything but to try and work with the lag and submit garbage again.

In conclusion, conclusion: never reuse assets or characters.

3/ march /2017
Tried old versions of the divers in empty scenes.
less delay.
In conclusion, going to  use playplast check the animation


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