Dialogue, action and interaction pt15: Tests and drafts

20/ feb/ 2017

Draft book motion graphics. The entire section including the book motion graphics take “ 33:13 “ seconds.   This is the draft paper underneath the motion graphics, going to re-position and replace the paper with the actual texture on the book.
Included a heart scene due to one major property for actual garlic is benefits to the heart.

In this version is  with the rendered texture the book has, just played it through to see what it looks like. It looks awful.
In conclusion: going to have to re texture the paper.

Failed jump attempts

Attempted a jump several times for the “passage of time” scene.  It kept looking unnatural and at a certain stage they all looked the same.
In conclusion: for now, I’m going to just cut the scene and move on.


Any background audio was from you tube library
“Wallpapers Old Paper – Wallpaper Cave”. Wallpapercave.com. Web. 20 jan. 2017.



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