Dialogue, action and interaction pt16: Finial piece

Full version:

link 1 ( vimeo)

backup link 2 ( youtube)

backup link 3 (daily motion)

1 minute version:
link 1

backup link 2

backup link 3

You should have her speak at the end like a moral of the story.
You have a beginning but not an end. Doesn’t seem complete till you do that.

Story animations like that are normally for children that teachings people how to be a person. If you don’t have that narrated moral of the story at the end, then what’s the point. Thought the fish was trying to help the diver out of the tangle, not murder him.

Next time you should plan a complete story, not make it up while you’re animating and just stop half way because its due in.

In conclusion: people can tell that I improvised most of the animation, I need to plan out the animation more in the future.

Like past projects, placed the animation on an art sharing site to see the public opinion. Who doesn’t know anything about the project to reduce bias. Also asked a couple of people in person.

1) what do you think the animation is about?
2)what does the characters resemble to you and why?
3) What do you think the relationship between the characters are and why?
4)  What locations do you think the animation is set at and why?
5) who do you think the target audience is and why?
6) Does the audio sound appropriate to the piece/ thoughts on the audio?
7) likes/ dislikes and reason why?
8) Any keywords come to mind? e.g. atmosphere/ key items/what you thought about it?
9) Improvement suggestions?



Person 1
“The animation is about finding an item.
The characters were looking for garlic fish, because it can make them stronger.
The characters are divers, but I didn’t realise that ants could swim.
The characters are very good friends, the female diver could have let the male diver die…
The set is within the sea
Ages 12+
The audio sets an atmosphere, the audio is spot on.
Glitches with the character slightly ruined the animation
Garlic fish that was smiling made me laugh
Sort the glitches out?”
person 2 :
1)About the garlic fish
( follow up question)   why do you think they trying to find the garlic fish?
They want to find it because the garlic fish sounds tasty
2) ants and a garlic fish
3) Is it one boy one girl ant?, boyfriend and girlfriend ant looking for garlic fish
4)  ocean
5) any age
6) yeah
8) garlic fish


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