Dialogue, action and interaction pt17: evaluation

Both 2D and 3D animation hybrid
2D: after the odd rotating book camera the stick men was motion graphics, the “ blood” drawn in tv paint.
The overlaid water was created in after effect in post-production.
everything else.

overall around 1 min long set at 24fps format mp4 H264
-For the finial submission only submitted   the full 2 min 39 seconds’ version.
this is unacceptable, it ran over by 1 minute 39 seconds.
-Due   poor time management   I wasn’t able to create a 1 minute version for submission to go along with it.
-on the other hand the word “around “is subjective, its closer to a minute then an hour.

pair of characters
yes there are 2 divers.

They need to cooperate to overcome an obstacle to achieve a common goal

1 Capture234
Time management and indecisive decision making,
Didn’t even submit on time due to not realizing how long it took to upload to drop box. Being 14 minutes was unacceptable, if I was even one hour “done” earlier, it would have been handed in on time.
Time management and lack of a quick decisive decisions was my huge issue. I had planned what stage I should be in for each week right at the beginning of the project. That went out the window.

Wasted excess of time on: research, setting up scenes, blend shaping nearly everything and not using most of them, trying to mass fix all the watermelon rig imported In the sea scene.
In conclusion: In the future I need to do more testing, get it right the first time before everything is mass imported into a scene, cut down  time used on pre-production.  Think about if the story is plausible to do within a given time.
In conclusion conclusion: In the future, I should make a simpler idea to fit a  1 minute animation, not in a topic I have no knowledge of and requires the least amount of time to set up the background.
There are no lights are shadows at all in the underwater, if I had better time management, I would have at least attempted it.

The beginning and ending where I did attempt lighting looked awful. The shadows looked to sharp, you couldn’t see the garlic fish eye where they look to the audience.
If I had done lighting, could have made the audience focus at key places, need to do this for future reference.

what went well
-Finally figured out how to animate the odd shape eyes of the ants since the controllers didn’t work and motion graphics, it looked terrible last time.
– It’s better than last terms animation, garbage, but still better. Improvement.
-learnt how to do water in after effects.

Faults with animation:
-Submitted a draft and named it a final piece, most of scenes was still at the blocking and draft stage.
– Rushed everything, and you can tell.
–  Not all the scene has the mountain.  (consistency issue)
– The mountain is the most hideous,
– Forgot to add the sky in the background of the boat scenes.
– The annoying jaw got in the way of the strangulation scene.
– The fish coming out of the net looked the most unnatural.
       In conclusion: if I had better time management, their fins and timing would have been changed or animated.
-Lots of clipping,
-Not everything in shot was animated.
-Camera angles, some of the character movement wasn’t in scene.

-Not sure what caused the odd patches on the textures of the divers that happened after moving the controllers. Wasn’t able to correct it in the given time either.
-Lots of glitching.
-Not all the cut scenes look smooth, issues with editing.
-When the fish was strangling the diver, it didn’t even follow the tube. Tried repositioning the garlic fish 10 times but each time   it would play in a different spot from where I keyed -it.
– Not rendered properly.
– Stretched textures, seams, the colours looked off putting.
         In conclusion for the future I need to learn to uv properly, research colour pallets.
–  On the end boat scene, forgot to stick a knife in the male diver’s eye.
– Some of the scenes seem overly long, drawn out and dry.
– When the diver is swimming through the seaweed, the fish that swam in front of it before hand. It’s just there.
 In conclusion: I should of either: made it invisible afterwards or have it swim in front of the diver.
– when the diver is staring at the garlic fish, the watermelon abruptly stops moving.
-Most of the fish are blind with no pupils.
-Forgot to texture and smooth the seaweed that the divers foot got stuck on while on the chain.
– while the fish is about to stab the diver, realized the knife showed up unsmoothed.
– In some shots, it was to busy and don’t know where to look.
In conclusion: I should have rendered the background and character in separate sessions, then blur the background in post production.
– when the male character was trying to catch the fat garlic fish,( before the chain tangle)   people didn’t really realise the child garlic fish was doing a  head nod to the other  garlic fish   out of shot.
In conclusion: I should have held the shot longer and lighting.

In conclusion for the future:
–  Better time management,
– Research work flow.
– Make faster decisions.
-Don’t waste too much time on research and accuracy to life.
-Never reuse assets or characters, if it’s already garbage I shouldn’t take it out the trash thinking it would save time trying to improved it instead of making a new one, it doesn’t and it’ll still be trash.
-watch and study more research footage.
– Practice animating, that’s not related to a project.
-Practice lighting.
-Watch more tutorials.
-plan every shot and action, well in advance.
– Use a better renderer.


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