Toon and actor pt7: Idea

This is the rough hashed out idea.

Idea 1:
Pen world with their little pen societies. Some with scare stories while some with stories of heaven.  Human abductions, taking their life essence ink.
documentary style following the lives of the pens with claims of abduction by the humans.

For example:
– A crazy drug addict   female pen. How while she was a young lass being courted by the richest man in the area. During her meal she was abducted.  When she was returned, she was a broken mess with all her clothes in tatters, her head chewed up, no man wanted her used up state, all the female high pen societies shunned her. She details her plans of revenge.

When the people tell their stories they have flash backs, either the  human hand comes into the animation world or the pens come out into the human world.

-A mother seeing her kids get taking by a hand why she pushed them on the swing set.

– A fountain pen, give a tale of the world he seen traveling in the pocket plane, before and after each use, the human cleaned them with a soft cloth, handed them with care and always made sure to  refill their life essence.

– A guy in a hospital pen “it was horrible, oh no not again” then a human hand takes him and shoves him in a shredder.

Live action
someone using a pen, the pen comes to life   with a cartoon axe and hacks the person to death. Lots of Pen eye blinding.

Idea 2:
(character: a manic drug addict pen with a tin foil hat)
A script of a pen going through what fits, what don’t, pros and cons of each animation type mixed with live action, production costs, believability, relationship and impact  on audience, examples.

27/ march / 2017
Feedback: the shredder do not make sense.
It doesn’t make sense that the mother is pushing them on a swing set.
The pocket plane makes sense because people carry pens; a pencil case is cramped.

In conclusion:
Instead of a shredder, the person is either being shaken or stepped on.
Instead of a swing set, the children could be playing noughts and crosses/ head bobbing game.





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