Toon and actor pt. 10 Evaluation

1250-word essay
(if 10% rule, max = 1375)

Yes. The word count was very restricting. Couldn’t include all the research, the explanation was all over the place. Instead of talking in detail about: if the aesthetics of animation, if it fits with live action, immersion experience, what breaks it, more pros and cons for each animation type, effects to the audience and studies to back it up. Wasted my word count on productions costs and examples. I had only briefly touched upon pros and cons of each animation type.

I talked about a few camera angles with reasons why, however this could have been explained in greater detail. The idea proposal itself had lots of uncertainty to it.

Character in a defining pose
Not really, you don’t see the full character.

Character exported in .png @ 150 dpi 896mm high by 843mm



Did the pen look like a pen?

Somewhat. From feedback only one person referred to the characters as pens. No one else had mentioned that.  For the fountain pen, didn’t include the detail at the pen nib, the female is not clear that she’s a pen. Even with the character trying to escape on the road, it is not that clear that it is a clear biro pen. It looks like a misshapen black thing.

The umbrella didn’t look like an umbrella.

For the yellow lines to look like thread.

No. In conclusion: I could have drawn bigger gaps between each line.

For the target audience to be for: children, teens and young adults.
somewhat. It’s not suitable for children because the piece looks too dark to appeal to children.  Because the eye is popping out and the ink resembles blood, that is not suitable to show to young children. If it where there could be complaints from parents, law suits as well as frighten children. Because of the: dark colours, gore and cartoony aesthetics it could appeal to older children or young adults.

The male to look like he stuck his arm out to stop the female from walking.

No. From feedback, people thought they was holding hands, which they weren’t.
 In conclusion: I should have drawn the arm in a different position to make that clear.

For the background to lo like the streets.
Yes, included buildings, pavement, a road with yellow lines.

In conclusion:
For the future if the word count is limited like this project, need to concentrate more of the writing on the actual topic, in detail. The colour pallet, could have had more work, placement of illumination could have been more thought out as well.


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