Live brief pt 2: Initial Research

From the handout information, compiled some notes.
Also compiled some notes outside the handout information.

Decided to check the ages of people who usually get a colonoscopy to see the target audience.

Type of people who have colonoscopy

People who have inherited familial adenomatous polyps (FAP)

They have It every year
By age of 25 they usually get advised to get their lower bowel removed due to  the high risk of bowel cancer.

Start testing at age 10 -12

(Inherited) Lynch syndrome
Screening starts at 25 years or 5 years before age of the youngest in their family that got affected.

Age 20 -25 start.

Strong family history but no  FAP or lynch syndrome gene.
You may have a colonoscopy between 35 to 45 ( if no polys) may need another  colposcopy until you have 55.

Person doing the colonoscopy must be trained in removing polyps however colonoscopists can be referred for large poly removal.

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