Live brief pt5: Examples

In this post going to be looking at both colonoscopy animations as well as videos explain  an aspect about  colonoscopy. Since there weren’t much animations about it. Also, looked at other examples of a medical videos not related to colonoscopy, to see how they tackled the topic.

What happens during and after a colonoscopy?

1 what happens during and after


Polys can Change into cancer

The common removal technique” Snare polypectomy.”
An electric current in the wire burns off the polyp.
The person may get results on same day, but if it was sent to a lab it can take a few days or longer.Follow up instructions of care at home and possible implications.
Motion graphics, flat colours, blue background black outline, Illustrations in circles.

What can I eat or drink before colonoscopy?

2 what you can eat befor video

3 colonscopy how to prepae4 colonoscopy how to

3D Medical Animation – Colonoscopy Procedure

5 3d medicail animation

Boring to listen to, just narration no other sounds, monotone voice. Things are in circles, everything looks smooth and shiny, the colon looks more pink. The text and images dissolve in.  When an image is used  In the background,   the transparency is lowered so the words are easier to see.
In conclusion: Going to  think about incorporating a lowered transparency  image as a background with overlaid text.

9 negatives

Interesting to watch, they dissolve in and out the text and the view of the speaker.
At times the text and speaker is side by side. Key words, are enlarged under a white background, a different colour compared to the light-yellow background. There’s statistics of the death and injury count due to the colonoscopy. It opens people up to other problems.
In conclusion going to think about Transitions, incorporate a doctor at the side of the information. Going to ignore all the statistics and negatives of colonoscopy to not discourage the audience from having the colonoscopy.

Nothing to do with a colonoscopy however it’s an example of a medical video. It’s for kids, but has an interesting voice. Engaging, has cut scenes of a cartoon kid character (the audience) and expressions.

In conclusion: going to think about having  a visual representation interacting with the  doctor. Instead of a kid it to be an adult.

After watching a couple of medical animations, noticed a lot of the illustration are in a circle. In conclusion going to incorporate illustrations in a circle.

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