Live brief pt 12 : Record of making.

Draft of the food list that is acceptable to eat during a colonoscopy bowel preparation.

18/ may/ 2017
Draft of moviprep instructions.

Showed a draft of the moviprep instructions to someone.

3 movie prep instuctions r feedback

Did 2 versions of the drink list.

Showed someone 2 versions of the drink list. A narrated example, and a narrated example.
I prefer the second one ( the narrated examples) because you listed them.

Sleeping Draft typography

Took a photo  my partner in a sleeping pose then tried drawing from that. Was mainly testing out the  Z’s. Planning to make the finger and mouth twitch, but it may be too fast for people to notice anyway, since it’s a second long.

10/ may /2017
1 TAG  DoC 2 VERSIONS .jpg
Drew a neater full body of the doctor character, from previous feedback went with a human design.  After researching the aesthetic research of other people’s depictions of doctors, noticed there was a lot with brown or ginger hair. Decided to draw the doctor with red hair to make It contrast from the background and make it more eye catching to the audience.


I had sent an email Yesterday showing the client draft animations  and new doctor character.

2 censored feedback from client

Drew A non-mask doctor version from request of the client.
2 TAG 6% NO MASK .jpg


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