Live brief pt 13: record of making,

20/ may/ 2017

For The drinking scene, tried drawing the hair in tv paint. It didn’t look consistent and hard to look at. Decided to draw the hair once and motion graphics it as planned. The hair looks stiff.

? / may/ 2017
Literal record of making video:
Draft movement.

Used a primary source photos, one to help draw the patient laying down. The other is in the actual drawing, took a picture of the sky and trees, edited it to make it fit for the drawing. Was mainly focusing and wasted time on making the light and clouds move behind the window for some reason. The clouds aren’t visible.
Feedback:5 from youtube

In conclusion: the hair and body are too stiff, going to have to change that once everything is at least base animated. The hair is oddly straight at the bottom.
(Audio from YouTube library)



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