Live brief pt 15: Animation

26/ 05/ 2017

error premier

This error message kept appearing when I tried to export the animation past 10%. In conclusion 1 or many of  the files are corrupted. I didn’t have time to check which individual files was the issue, due to the number of them in the program. I had to resort to screen capturing the playback of the video in premier to be able to submit.
The sound and visuals are out of sync. Due to time constraints, couldn’t draw or animate all the planed scenes. To fill in the gaps, I had resulted just reusing previous drawings during the animation or small clips repeated at certain times, from a larger animated scene. Wasn’t even able to animate the last 2 sections before the University deadline.

Submitted university version
Link 1:

Link 2:

Forgot to include this chicken dish, in the rush of “completing” the animation.
adouble TAG 4% corner bird PLATE OF FOOD -1.jpgIt was supposed to be the defining point in the animation.  The whole chicken staring at the audience soul for them to not eat it with its shaking eye of plea,and its dead offspring yolk dripping on to the grilled salmon.
Showed my partner the animation so far.
His feedback:  its looks so bad. Sounds boring, the voice ruins the whole Emerson. Think you listed the food and drink too many times.

In conclusion: for now, I need to concentrate taking out the improvised sections, animate all the planed scenes, adjust the timing for everything and re-edit it in a fresh file, if I where to make a better version.


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