Live brief pt 16: Evaluation

Around 2 minutes:
Somewhat. It’s still In the 2 minute mark.

About bowel preparation.
Listed foods, drinks, and moviprep instructions.

The animation is really dry and boring to watch. In the future, I need to add Sound effects or some background music to make it easier to sit through.
Very minimal movement, couldn’t even say I completed the drawing stage of the animation.
For future projects, I need to practice drawing more, and learn how to draw faster.

Some of the lines of the   drawings look really shaky.

It took a long time trying to draw things up “neatly”. Some of the drawings still looked rough. Either from wasting too much time drawing detail on some scenes or ran out of time doing the others, the art styles were inconsistent because put in more time trying to put in highlights in some sections while in others left it as solid colour.

Time was a big issue in this project.  I spent more than half the time redrawing storyboards or script before animating. Because I had a habit of making things seem inappropriate or not make sense, made sure to gather lots of feedback at that stage so I wouldn’t have to waste as much time redrawing things compared to drawing things up neat for the animation.

Responded to the feedback during the project about lightening the colours by lightening the colours.

In the future, I need ask someone to voice the narration because I wasted time recording: due to stumbling on words and misreading words.  For example, with the movie prep instructions section I had to rerecord that whole section and waste time changing the timing. End up making it look worse somehow. If I were to make a second version need to have powder come out the sachet. The audio volume is uneven with background noise in some.

Other things that went wrong:
2:16 forgot to rub out the tringles behind the patients head
The black outline looks too harsh in some of the drawings for example on the coffee cup.
The hair looks really stiff.
When the patient is drinking the moviprep, the cup doesn’t even connect to the mouth.
It looks out of place since the doctor’s mouth don’t move at all.

summary: made a glorified out of sync PowerPoint esc animation.

Chicken tribute
adouble TAG 4% corner bird PLATE OF FOOD -1


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