Live brief pt 18: Improved final piece animation

In this blog is the improved version of the colonoscopy animation compared to last week.

1/ 06/ 2017

Improved colonoscopy animation.

For the past week worked on improving the animation, animated the: ending goodbye hand wave, sachet having the powder come out,  made sure to place the all-important chicken,   added to and changed the timing of  the  colon section with words.  For the actual submitted version has the credits with the organization logos however just cut that out for a public site.

It was only after reviewing the old version realised when the patient is drinking from the cup, the arm layer is on top of the body, in this version placed the arm layer behind.  Took out most of the repeated place holder sections. Added in a jug pouring liquid into the cup.  Went against animating the planned: person standing in a heap of drugs with drugs slipping through their hands, due to feedback of other people saying that could be seen as drug dealing or inappropriate. So stuck with the placeholder of drugs in a pile zooming in.

There’s still lots of things never got around to improving or doing for example erasing the triangles in the no food on the day scene where the person has the thought cloud, adding more character movement, the hair of the character actually moving, placing the cup to the actual mouth, have the liquid move in that scene. Putting sound effects and music into the piece.

This time because I did it in a fresh file, was actually able to render it out into a video compared to the last version.

Asked my partner’s feedback for now.
Feedback: this is your worst animation. That’s so cringy, they going to say something about your username. No one wants to see the word death.

In conclusion
if I have time, more needs to be improved. The animation is really  dry, audio could possibly help it become more engaging.

2/ 06 /2017

While showing it to a group of people. Realized there’s a lot of glitches when it changes to each scene.

While waiting for client feedback. Decided to place the animation on an art sharing site for a non-biased opinion, with those who don’t know anything about the project.


Asked a follow up question of what sections they thought was exaggerated. 789



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