Promo kit pt2 : Initial research

First  for initial research, did a simple search up of articles that talk about, what age group are the most common for animated movies, also watched videos taking notes.

Millennials deferring adult hood. Peoples in their 20’s going to see films aimed at children.
Quote “ 20% of the audience were non-families.” For Disney sales.

Quote “ 2011 re-release of The Lion King in 3D opened with $29.3 million and only 74% of the audience was comprised of families (18% of non-families were couples”

Quote “ Toy Story 3’s non-family audience was 40% 17 to 24 year olds. ”

It states how when muppets were released into the cinema, as part of marketing, they placed several campaigns and live show appearances, which is not suitable for the 10 year old demographics. This shows that they were trying to   target the older generation into watching what appears to be a “kids movie”

Quote “ Animated family films have performed consistently well at the box office,”

The Most Amazing Movie Advertising Tricks Ever Used By Studios!

Some notes from the video:
Deadpool 2016 . Several YouTube videos, viral hits,
Star Wars the force awakens 2015 : events, merchandise
The dark night 2008: Harvey dent website, viral hits, domino pizzas, in new York  people saw the bat signal light up.
Avatar 2009: invite event to merchandise and footage, mystery at the time.
Cloverfield 2008: first trailer to the creature feature on transformers. They instructed people to go on a site “” for more.
The Blair witch project 1999: illusion of   documentary, some people thought was real. The actors on the movie page was listed dead for a year.
Ex machina 2015:  On phones people on tinder was approached by a woman asking questions, she would direct them to a Instagram page with the movie trailer and poster.

The social network 2010: Tagline, teasers.
Guardian of the galaxy 2014: catchy sound track

Burning red notes.

The secret life of pets 2016. They partnered with one of the biggest pet stores for example the character had a “PetSmart takeover” the official movies official Facebook page used clips from the movie to  target  the audience with quote “ relatable posts “ for example  talks about finishing bank holiday weekend as a caption, while the images displays a dog kicking work of the table”
3Avengers. They partnered with lego.4Pitch perfect 2 2015- they used snapchat, a twitter mirror, Instagram Tumblr gif booth, they would just pull faces.  Target audience 16- 30 year olds.5
– The Blair witch project 1999: a website full of fake police reports, film makers handed out posters.  at film screening to come forward about the “missing students”.

6Men in black 2012: they created a fictional 14 year old blogger that wrote about men in black suits and aliens. Campaign on Facebook produced 129,000 likes.

The dark night 2008: they placed quote “ vandalised joker cards popping up in comic book shops. The cards led curious people to a site,”
Ex Machina 2015

10Unintentionally, north Korea caught wind of the film, labelled it as ‘most blatant act of terrorism and war’ with threats of retaliation. Hackers got into Sonys computers and leaked documents, threatening them if they premier the movie there would be consequences.  The film ends up with lots of delays but end up on Netflix quietly.  Lots of people found out about the movie by the controversy.

It listed Deadpool as a high rate for marketing.

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