Promo kit pt11: Evaluation

The word count was very restricting. wasted the word count on giving a range of examples, but didn’t back up those promotional campaign ideas with research done.  With the limiting word count should of just stuck to explaining one or 2 promotional ideas but with great detail, as such as examples of what   pre-existing animated movies did for their promotional campaign, how it was successful and why.

Because I only had a week to complete the assignment wasn’t able to research, explain and provide more alternatives of the break down costs of each item needed, for each promotional campaign idea.

Turns out I was supposed to come up   a third-year idea in this assignment.  I did the opposite, used one of my throw away ideas that would better fit the research done.  The third-year idea compared to this child friendly adopted cookie idea is completely different.


For the poster was originally was trying to draw the cookie boy holding a cookie he made, with the waitress with the same purple hair In the background.
What actually happened

Accidentally drew the boy as a older teen, so went with the angle that the character at the left is the 16 year old sister.
From feedback people thought the boy on the left was a “ emo 14  year old that doesn’t know if its male or female.
With that angle , I should of drew the girl with different coloured hair to make it clear the  cookie is adopted.

The waitress doesn’t look like a cookie person in fact its not visible.

Going with the first angle of the character on left being a cookie boy. He looks human and nothing cookie like.

Was trying to draw the poster so it would be both colourful enough to appeal to young children but still able to Appeal to teens and young adults.
Somewhat achieved that by having a black vignette, and beyond the spot light the piece is darkened. The cookie is itself is very bright in colour.

Other intentions:
To make it clear that on the white piece section of the cookie hat, to be a kid drawing of the 2-lesbian couple and the adopted cookie.  In the final drawing the lesbian couple is not noticeable.


In conclusion for the future need to: practice drawing, better time management, look at and draw different styles, back up the points with several research points.


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