Promo kit pt6: Dont’s and example.

In this post is going to be the 2 videos  I looked at that are examples of what not to do. The third video is an example of a kid trying to fit in school. That research is relevant because planning to incorporate the idea of a child trying to find his place and identity.

The Apprentice S12E09 Virtual Reality Game

Decided to look at how other people proposed their idea. At 32 min 50 sec
The audience ask why the main character is not on the poster. They included In their poster what they are trying to find In the game. Who is Gordon? They also spoke about the target market.

In conclusion: going to think about the target market and include the main character In the poster.

10 Disastrous Marketing Campaigns

Looked at this video to see what things to avoid.
For example: no rape jokes, careful of colours because people might assume its racist, don’t have mismatched product placement that is opposite to the film concept, health and safety, things that can be seen as sexist, for example don’t measure women’s butts.

Awkward short animation about a lizard creature fitting in a human school.

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