Promo kit pt11: Evaluation

The word count was very restricting. wasted the word count on giving a range of examples, but didn’t back up those promotional campaign ideas with research done.  With the limiting word count should of just stuck to explaining one or 2 promotional ideas but with great detail, as such as examples of what   pre-existing animated movies did for their promotional campaign, how it was successful and why.

Because I only had a week to complete the assignment wasn’t able to research, explain and provide more alternatives of the break down costs of each item needed, for each promotional campaign idea.

Turns out I was supposed to come up   a third-year idea in this assignment.  I did the opposite, used one of my throw away ideas that would better fit the research done.  The third-year idea compared to this child friendly adopted cookie idea is completely different.


For the poster was originally was trying to draw the cookie boy holding a cookie he made, with the waitress with the same purple hair In the background.
What actually happened

Accidentally drew the boy as a older teen, so went with the angle that the character at the left is the 16 year old sister.
From feedback people thought the boy on the left was a “ emo 14  year old that doesn’t know if its male or female.
With that angle , I should of drew the girl with different coloured hair to make it clear the  cookie is adopted.

The waitress doesn’t look like a cookie person in fact its not visible.

Going with the first angle of the character on left being a cookie boy. He looks human and nothing cookie like.

Was trying to draw the poster so it would be both colourful enough to appeal to young children but still able to Appeal to teens and young adults.
Somewhat achieved that by having a black vignette, and beyond the spot light the piece is darkened. The cookie is itself is very bright in colour.

Other intentions:
To make it clear that on the white piece section of the cookie hat, to be a kid drawing of the 2-lesbian couple and the adopted cookie.  In the final drawing the lesbian couple is not noticeable.


In conclusion for the future need to: practice drawing, better time management, look at and draw different styles, back up the points with several research points.


Promo kit pt. 9: Adoption/ foster movies

In this post looked at examples of adoption and foster movie  posters, to see how they tackled displaying that topic.

Majority of  the posters portray the child and have colourful colours, blues. A couple was in dark colours however those films was portraying the horrors of adoption of foster care. A couple of the posters have some sort of radiating light.
In conclusion: going to include some sort of light source and the child itself.


Looked at a couple of genres some of  the adoption film is listed under.


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Promo kit pt7: poster tips

In this post is tips of what articles highlight to include in a poster and some poster analysis.

“smashing hub”
Notes of what the article ,mentioned:
1) attention, interest, desire and action. Flashy designs are not needed, leading character or interesting plot portrayal.
2) quote “Illustrate but don’t enlighten” Reveal only theme but not the suspense of the movie. ( perfect for suspense or  horror movies)
4) Attract non fans. Including named actors is good however  the theme should be there to.
6) Suitable for all formats eg dvds and poster.
7) If it’s a sequel for it to be consistent and relevant.

In conclusion: after viewing the movie posters and tips, plan to incorporate: some mystery, make sure the title is in a contrasting colour and take a portion of  the space of the  poster, think of colour, place the main character in. Looks like having one character  in the poster is the most common, some of the posers have a black vignette might incorporate those elements.

2Notes from article “How to design a movie poster – top ten tips to grab the eye of a sales agent, distributor or audience member”

-Big title,
-If there’s no big names In the movie don’t display them as a movie star.
-Avoid to many colours.
-Know the genre

In conclusion: after  settling what genre is  going to consider putting  the stereotypes of that genre displayed on the poster.


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Promo kit pt6: Dont’s and example.

In this post is going to be the 2 videos  I looked at that are examples of what not to do. The third video is an example of a kid trying to fit in school. That research is relevant because planning to incorporate the idea of a child trying to find his place and identity.

The Apprentice S12E09 Virtual Reality Game

Decided to look at how other people proposed their idea. At 32 min 50 sec
The audience ask why the main character is not on the poster. They included In their poster what they are trying to find In the game. Who is Gordon? They also spoke about the target market.

In conclusion: going to think about the target market and include the main character In the poster.

10 Disastrous Marketing Campaigns

Looked at this video to see what things to avoid.
For example: no rape jokes, careful of colours because people might assume its racist, don’t have mismatched product placement that is opposite to the film concept, health and safety, things that can be seen as sexist, for example don’t measure women’s butts.

Awkward short animation about a lizard creature fitting in a human school.

YouTube. (2016). The Apprentice S12E09 Virtual Reality Game. [online] Available at: [Accessed 9 Jun. 2017].

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Promo kit pt4 : forum answers.

Primary research.

04 /June / 2017
Created a couple of forums to what type of films people enjoyed and what kind of promotional Campaign left an impact on them.

For the first forum people got confused.
question 1

Made another forum. This was the question I asked.
These was some of the responses.

In conclusion: Akira seem to be a popular movie. Not much people remember what promotional Campaign got them to watch a certain film, even after a follow up question.  The people that mentioned how they got to know the movie there responses was mainly:  it was on Tv, a trailer on tv, they watched a previous movie or tv show about it, by word of mouth.



Promo kit pt3 : Deadpool

In this post looked at the movie Deadpool, promotional campaigns. Since that movie was the most well-known for its promotional campaigns.

Deadpool – Gentlemen, Touch Yourself Tonight | 2016

Deadpool testicular cancer
1 deadpool

They had an unconventional billboard with non-decisive emoticons to advertise their film, making people wonder what it was about.  They tried to appeal to the today’s youth that use social media stickers/ emojis.

Ryan Reynolds On How “Deadpool” Became A Reality – CONAN on TBS

Deadpool had the actor to go do tv talk show interviews with  a skit as the deadpool character.

Deadpool’ emoji
3 deadpool
They had Deadpool emojis for social media. Meaning people who send the emojis to people that didn’t know about the film, those people would ask about it then  become aware of the film.

4 deadpool5 deadpool script

They had a themed newsletter and a doodled script in the Deadpool persona. The actor that played Deadpool  was  really active in social media,  with lots of small mentions or material, this built peoples hype up  before the movie release.

6 deadpool

The actor of wolverine tweeted a wolverine and Deadpool crossover image. Due to this, fan of wolverine discovered Deadpool.  They created a false sense or “ beef”  or drama between the two characters. People love watching drama unfold.

7 deadpool
They had numerous twitter champions by other people, even charities. 8 deadpool

In their twitter campaigns, they use searchable keyword hashtags. Betty white is a house hold name with her own fan base. People who searched up betty white could find the Deadpool image tweet.
9 deadpool

During the valentine season, they made a valentine romantic themed billboard. This romantic angle was done was possibly to draw in couples or people in to romantic films to watch Deadpool, that aren’t normally into action films.

They had many different type of promotional movie posters.

10 deadpool11 deadpool12 deadpool13 deadpool14 deadpool
They had a large cut out, people could take pictures with and share to social media. Then  friends, family and the followers of the people who took photos of the cutout would see it, those people would know about the film and might share it on.

They created a Christmas themed deadpool video and uploaded it on YouTube near Xmas.  The word “Christmas “itself a very searchable term in YouTube at that time of the year.
They created a build up to the trailer by releasing small things each day on different sites, asking the audience go check them out. This created more hype.

They made an unconventional movie promotion. A whole hour of a burning bag with: the deadpool face and Christmas music playing for the Christmas video. This made people wonder why and what is the movie actually about. 15 deadpool

The movie set up a dating profile on tinder. Some people who got matched then spread it to their social media, and people who saw the post the person got matched to then would spread it to their circle too.

Fantastic Four | American Ninja Warrior Sneak Preview [HD] | 20th Century FOX

They had advertised Deadpool at the end of another movie trailer. They included the Deadpool hashtag in the corner as a visual prompt so people could go check it out on social media.

Apparently this was a viral marketing hit. It’s a home video style video with the Deadpool persona acting towards a group of children dressed in super hero outfits.

16 deadpool.jpg
They had Instagram page and uploaded a mother’s day themed photo, with the Deadpool hashtag.

Australia Day Message From Deadpool

They had Deadpool  persona saying happy Australian day with the end screen the title of the movie, website name, hashtag and  the date.

DEADPOOL Promo Clip – Manchester United Dream (2016) Ryan Reynolds Marvel Movie HD

They appealed to football fans by having the deadpool persona play with football personalities in a “ dream” scenario .

Deadpool: All The Product Placements (Quickie)

Decided to look into the product placement they did in the film.

On the day of the release they were giving away free Deadpool goodie bags in my local forbidden planet.

Which had the dates and prompts to go watch the movie everywhere.
(primary research, here’s the haul I got on the day, ended up watching the film on the same day in the hype of the free goodie bag)
17 deadpool

Film budget: 58 million USD

19 deadpool18 deadpool


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Promo kit pt2 : Initial research

First  for initial research, did a simple search up of articles that talk about, what age group are the most common for animated movies, also watched videos taking notes.

Millennials deferring adult hood. Peoples in their 20’s going to see films aimed at children.
Quote “ 20% of the audience were non-families.” For Disney sales.

Quote “ 2011 re-release of The Lion King in 3D opened with $29.3 million and only 74% of the audience was comprised of families (18% of non-families were couples”

Quote “ Toy Story 3’s non-family audience was 40% 17 to 24 year olds. ”

It states how when muppets were released into the cinema, as part of marketing, they placed several campaigns and live show appearances, which is not suitable for the 10 year old demographics. This shows that they were trying to   target the older generation into watching what appears to be a “kids movie”

Quote “ Animated family films have performed consistently well at the box office,”

The Most Amazing Movie Advertising Tricks Ever Used By Studios!

Some notes from the video:
Deadpool 2016 . Several YouTube videos, viral hits,
Star Wars the force awakens 2015 : events, merchandise
The dark night 2008: Harvey dent website, viral hits, domino pizzas, in new York  people saw the bat signal light up.
Avatar 2009: invite event to merchandise and footage, mystery at the time.
Cloverfield 2008: first trailer to the creature feature on transformers. They instructed people to go on a site “” for more.
The Blair witch project 1999: illusion of   documentary, some people thought was real. The actors on the movie page was listed dead for a year.
Ex machina 2015:  On phones people on tinder was approached by a woman asking questions, she would direct them to a Instagram page with the movie trailer and poster.

The social network 2010: Tagline, teasers.
Guardian of the galaxy 2014: catchy sound track

Burning red notes.

The secret life of pets 2016. They partnered with one of the biggest pet stores for example the character had a “PetSmart takeover” the official movies official Facebook page used clips from the movie to  target  the audience with quote “ relatable posts “ for example  talks about finishing bank holiday weekend as a caption, while the images displays a dog kicking work of the table”
3Avengers. They partnered with lego.4Pitch perfect 2 2015- they used snapchat, a twitter mirror, Instagram Tumblr gif booth, they would just pull faces.  Target audience 16- 30 year olds.5
– The Blair witch project 1999: a website full of fake police reports, film makers handed out posters.  at film screening to come forward about the “missing students”.

6Men in black 2012: they created a fictional 14 year old blogger that wrote about men in black suits and aliens. Campaign on Facebook produced 129,000 likes.

The dark night 2008: they placed quote “ vandalised joker cards popping up in comic book shops. The cards led curious people to a site,”
Ex Machina 2015

10Unintentionally, north Korea caught wind of the film, labelled it as ‘most blatant act of terrorism and war’ with threats of retaliation. Hackers got into Sonys computers and leaked documents, threatening them if they premier the movie there would be consequences.  The film ends up with lots of delays but end up on Netflix quietly.  Lots of people found out about the movie by the controversy.

It listed Deadpool as a high rate for marketing.

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Promo kit pt1 : Brief

In this post is the brief that had been set. Reordered the most important bit to the top.

DEADLINE: , 4pm Friday 9 June 2017
For drop box:
1.           1250 words plus images, plus Harvard References: .docx format

  1. A promotional poster for your short animation: PNG format @ 150 dpi 896mm high by 843mm wide.,……………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

Propose a plan to get your short animated film in front of the largest most beneficial audience possible [whilst remaining tasteful].

What would be the best audience to play to, and why and how do you get your production in front of them, solutions may range from sensible business plans to short script for “Mission Impossible” style interventions… [whilst remaining tasteful].

  • To broaden your ability to promote animation and understand its place in the world of entertainment in relationship to other forms of communication.

•            To develop your understanding of how animation works as a form of media and how it is most effectively promoted.  This will help you to create more successful animation business as either a freelancer or studio operative.