3rd year part 57: Semi evaluation

Majority of the evaluation had been submitted into the Dropbox.

The pdf of the project book broke up the layout, since it was created and intended to be viewed two pages at a time. The backup printed out version is in the correct layout. Unfortunately, the print out version came out streaky and my own name isn’t even visible on the cover yet its visible in the pdf. Realized in the table of contents not all the headings had been included. After looking at the project book again not all the images were aligned up, “the glitch” page while viewing it on the computer the background looked consistent black however it came out patchy on the Print out. Due to time constraints had to settle for the project book to be wire bound on the day of the deadline, instead of it being hardcover bound; upon research from printing company’s online it takes  on average 1 week  to process then 1 week to deliver.

In the animation the vignette was not consistent and appear to glitch. There were several points of the animation where things looked pixilated. There was so many issues with the project but not enough time to fix all.

Unfortunately   the second half of the animation lacked Varity of Foley and music choices, for more impact I could have included more music or Foley sounds for instance when the: sword was pulled out, a separate piece of music when Snabirtle drown to death. Unfortunately, due to time constraints I had left it to concentrate on the written work.

 In conclusion in the future or if I where to do it again I would: render in a higher resolution, explain the reasoning behind certain things in the project book, work more on the story.  I had forgot to include screenshots and explain the record of making in the white room, I could have talked more about the research and how it was relevant in more depth.

derp 1.jpg



Promo kit pt11: Evaluation

The word count was very restricting. wasted the word count on giving a range of examples, but didn’t back up those promotional campaign ideas with research done.  With the limiting word count should of just stuck to explaining one or 2 promotional ideas but with great detail, as such as examples of what   pre-existing animated movies did for their promotional campaign, how it was successful and why.

Because I only had a week to complete the assignment wasn’t able to research, explain and provide more alternatives of the break down costs of each item needed, for each promotional campaign idea.

Turns out I was supposed to come up   a third-year idea in this assignment.  I did the opposite, used one of my throw away ideas that would better fit the research done.  The third-year idea compared to this child friendly adopted cookie idea is completely different.


For the poster was originally was trying to draw the cookie boy holding a cookie he made, with the waitress with the same purple hair In the background.
What actually happened

Accidentally drew the boy as a older teen, so went with the angle that the character at the left is the 16 year old sister.
From feedback people thought the boy on the left was a “ emo 14  year old that doesn’t know if its male or female.
With that angle , I should of drew the girl with different coloured hair to make it clear the  cookie is adopted.

The waitress doesn’t look like a cookie person in fact its not visible.

Going with the first angle of the character on left being a cookie boy. He looks human and nothing cookie like.

Was trying to draw the poster so it would be both colourful enough to appeal to young children but still able to Appeal to teens and young adults.
Somewhat achieved that by having a black vignette, and beyond the spot light the piece is darkened. The cookie is itself is very bright in colour.

Other intentions:
To make it clear that on the white piece section of the cookie hat, to be a kid drawing of the 2-lesbian couple and the adopted cookie.  In the final drawing the lesbian couple is not noticeable.


In conclusion for the future need to: practice drawing, better time management, look at and draw different styles, back up the points with several research points.

Live brief pt 16: Evaluation

Around 2 minutes:
Somewhat. It’s still In the 2 minute mark.

About bowel preparation.
Listed foods, drinks, and moviprep instructions.

The animation is really dry and boring to watch. In the future, I need to add Sound effects or some background music to make it easier to sit through.
Very minimal movement, couldn’t even say I completed the drawing stage of the animation.
For future projects, I need to practice drawing more, and learn how to draw faster.

Some of the lines of the   drawings look really shaky.

It took a long time trying to draw things up “neatly”. Some of the drawings still looked rough. Either from wasting too much time drawing detail on some scenes or ran out of time doing the others, the art styles were inconsistent because put in more time trying to put in highlights in some sections while in others left it as solid colour.

Time was a big issue in this project.  I spent more than half the time redrawing storyboards or script before animating. Because I had a habit of making things seem inappropriate or not make sense, made sure to gather lots of feedback at that stage so I wouldn’t have to waste as much time redrawing things compared to drawing things up neat for the animation.

Responded to the feedback during the project about lightening the colours by lightening the colours.

In the future, I need ask someone to voice the narration because I wasted time recording: due to stumbling on words and misreading words.  For example, with the movie prep instructions section I had to rerecord that whole section and waste time changing the timing. End up making it look worse somehow. If I were to make a second version need to have powder come out the sachet. The audio volume is uneven with background noise in some.

Other things that went wrong:
2:16 forgot to rub out the tringles behind the patients head
The black outline looks too harsh in some of the drawings for example on the coffee cup.
The hair looks really stiff.
When the patient is drinking the moviprep, the cup doesn’t even connect to the mouth.
It looks out of place since the doctor’s mouth don’t move at all.

summary: made a glorified out of sync PowerPoint esc animation.

Chicken tribute
adouble TAG 4% corner bird PLATE OF FOOD -1

Dialogue, action and interaction pt17: evaluation

Both 2D and 3D animation hybrid
2D: after the odd rotating book camera the stick men was motion graphics, the “ blood” drawn in tv paint.
The overlaid water was created in after effect in post-production.
everything else.

overall around 1 min long set at 24fps format mp4 H264
-For the finial submission only submitted   the full 2 min 39 seconds’ version.
this is unacceptable, it ran over by 1 minute 39 seconds.
-Due   poor time management   I wasn’t able to create a 1 minute version for submission to go along with it.
-on the other hand the word “around “is subjective, its closer to a minute then an hour.

pair of characters
yes there are 2 divers.

They need to cooperate to overcome an obstacle to achieve a common goal

1 Capture234
Time management and indecisive decision making,
Didn’t even submit on time due to not realizing how long it took to upload to drop box. Being 14 minutes was unacceptable, if I was even one hour “done” earlier, it would have been handed in on time.
Time management and lack of a quick decisive decisions was my huge issue. I had planned what stage I should be in for each week right at the beginning of the project. That went out the window.

Wasted excess of time on: research, setting up scenes, blend shaping nearly everything and not using most of them, trying to mass fix all the watermelon rig imported In the sea scene.
In conclusion: In the future I need to do more testing, get it right the first time before everything is mass imported into a scene, cut down  time used on pre-production.  Think about if the story is plausible to do within a given time.
In conclusion conclusion: In the future, I should make a simpler idea to fit a  1 minute animation, not in a topic I have no knowledge of and requires the least amount of time to set up the background.
There are no lights are shadows at all in the underwater, if I had better time management, I would have at least attempted it.

The beginning and ending where I did attempt lighting looked awful. The shadows looked to sharp, you couldn’t see the garlic fish eye where they look to the audience.
If I had done lighting, could have made the audience focus at key places, need to do this for future reference.

what went well
-Finally figured out how to animate the odd shape eyes of the ants since the controllers didn’t work and motion graphics, it looked terrible last time.
– It’s better than last terms animation, garbage, but still better. Improvement.
-learnt how to do water in after effects.

Faults with animation:
-Submitted a draft and named it a final piece, most of scenes was still at the blocking and draft stage.
– Rushed everything, and you can tell.
–  Not all the scene has the mountain.  (consistency issue)
– The mountain is the most hideous,
– Forgot to add the sky in the background of the boat scenes.
– The annoying jaw got in the way of the strangulation scene.
– The fish coming out of the net looked the most unnatural.
       In conclusion: if I had better time management, their fins and timing would have been changed or animated.
-Lots of clipping,
-Not everything in shot was animated.
-Camera angles, some of the character movement wasn’t in scene.

-Not sure what caused the odd patches on the textures of the divers that happened after moving the controllers. Wasn’t able to correct it in the given time either.
-Lots of glitching.
-Not all the cut scenes look smooth, issues with editing.
-When the fish was strangling the diver, it didn’t even follow the tube. Tried repositioning the garlic fish 10 times but each time   it would play in a different spot from where I keyed -it.
– Not rendered properly.
– Stretched textures, seams, the colours looked off putting.
         In conclusion for the future I need to learn to uv properly, research colour pallets.
–  On the end boat scene, forgot to stick a knife in the male diver’s eye.
– Some of the scenes seem overly long, drawn out and dry.
– When the diver is swimming through the seaweed, the fish that swam in front of it before hand. It’s just there.
 In conclusion: I should of either: made it invisible afterwards or have it swim in front of the diver.
– when the diver is staring at the garlic fish, the watermelon abruptly stops moving.
-Most of the fish are blind with no pupils.
-Forgot to texture and smooth the seaweed that the divers foot got stuck on while on the chain.
– while the fish is about to stab the diver, realized the knife showed up unsmoothed.
– In some shots, it was to busy and don’t know where to look.
In conclusion: I should have rendered the background and character in separate sessions, then blur the background in post production.
– when the male character was trying to catch the fat garlic fish,( before the chain tangle)   people didn’t really realise the child garlic fish was doing a  head nod to the other  garlic fish   out of shot.
In conclusion: I should have held the shot longer and lighting.

In conclusion for the future:
–  Better time management,
– Research work flow.
– Make faster decisions.
-Don’t waste too much time on research and accuracy to life.
-Never reuse assets or characters, if it’s already garbage I shouldn’t take it out the trash thinking it would save time trying to improved it instead of making a new one, it doesn’t and it’ll still be trash.
-watch and study more research footage.
– Practice animating, that’s not related to a project.
-Practice lighting.
-Watch more tutorials.
-plan every shot and action, well in advance.
– Use a better renderer.

The occurrence with 2 heads: pt5 evaluation

500 words
slightly conflicting because the brief says 500 words while in an email it says 500 words is a guideline and can go over.
yes went slightly over the 500 words.
In conclusion: for the future  need to be more descriptive of  the actions/ setting. Include more examples and explanation for each point during the argument. In conclusion, need to read more scripts so have more of an idea of how to format a script.

Address that animation is not just for children

somewhat. Gave examples of animations not suitable for children however should have addressed how there’s animations that can be enjoyed and suitable for everyone. Elaborate even more why it’s not suitable for children.

Distinctive pose
Not really, the characters are just in a standing pose.

Target audience teens and adults
Not really.  It somewhat fits because It’s not appropriate to children because its semi-nude, in the image in the script they’re sitting on a slave (gimp). The actual script mentions hentai which is not suitable for children and has examples of animations for an older audience.  The visual style and colour isn’t appealing to an older audience. In conclusion learn to draw better, that doesn’t look cartoony, think about colour, style, research what appeals to different audiences.

For the “Sacri” character to look like a female goat human
No it looks like a pre-adolescent boy with deer antlers.

For “Abbas” to look like a ram’s head:
Yes, but could have drawn or coloured the head differently, redraw the horns, so it would look  more natural or add extra features.

The characters looked generic and cringy, should of came up with a better idea or tackled the visuals better.

In conclusion for the future:
-better time management is needed,
– More visual style research,
-More target audience research,
-think about target audience more,
-more experimental with the drawing,
-practice drawing more,
-think about colour and style,
-draw the character in different positions, facial expressions for a better grasp of what the character is like,
-add a description of what the character is like.

Monologue v internal monologue pt15 evaluation

Overall around 1-minute animation, possibly over multiple pieces.
Yes created an animation that was exactly 1 minute long

Animation, Set at 24 FPS, format mp4 H264 at 1280 x 720.

Conflicted characters- what they say and think don’t match up.
somewhat. For instance, the female doesn’t want to help the male ant but takes care of him anyway.

2D 3D animation hybrid
2D sections: eye movement, “blood”, the larvae head dance, the line at the end
3D sections: everything else.
1 eva table.JPG


Time, for  future reference:
1) Better time management   is needed, watch more tutorials and practice. Because 4 days to try and skin weight 2 pieces of clothing that still ended up unusable is not acceptable and a waste of time.
2) Better problem solving/ think up more solutions instead of doing the same thing for several days.
3) know when to stop something and try a different solution/ move on to the different task, to reduce the amount of time wasted. ( eg  painting skin weights on the clothes)
4) Put more thought into what’s important and what’s not in an animation.
5) set a time limit per task and stick to it.

What went well:
The animation was blocked out enough to be submitted on time, moves awkwardly, but submitted on time.
Faults with the animation:
– story line, from feedback people seem to be confused to what is going on.
-walk cycle (from feedback)
-There was clipping from the leg to the floor in the waiting room.
To solve this should have added more keys in-between.
-The sound isn’t in a consist volume, wrong with the voice acting.
-Got bored watching my own animation. Should of Came up with a more interesting idea or a way to tackle it.
-The only animated eye movement, looked off.  To solve this should of correctly constrain the eyes instead of giving up and trying to do it in 2D.
-The “blood” looked off.
– The line on the monitor at the end looked unnatural, should of placed that on as a texture, instead of trying to keep it in place in premier.
-wasn’t able to animate everything for example all the mouth, jaw, antennae’s, eye movement. Half the time the arm is just there, not put in its proper place.  Wasn’t able to animate the scene with the aphids blinking or the male ant Steve eating from them.
-Forgot to animate the breasts so in some sections it looked stretched and out of place.
-camera angles, should have picked different shots. For example, at the end of the waiting room, you can’t see the male ant close his eyes.
-There was literally no point animating the side ants in the waiting room, they weren’t even noticeable.
-The movement was a huge issue.

In conclusion: for the future
-Need to make the animation more interesting.
-To ask other people to voice act and make the volume consistent.
-Think up better ideas that make sense.
-More practice,
-watch more tutorials beforehand, instead of    trying to jump straight in the task.
-Better time management.

Feature pitch pt4: Evaluation

800 words max
Yes it’s below the 800 word threshold.
The word count (not including the reference slide) 797 words

Reboot a golden age animation

The pitch is about a golden age animation “Momotaro’s Divine Sea Warriors” because it was released in 1945.  So it falls between  1928- late 1960s where sources say that time period was the time for golden age animations.

In the style of a  comic artist/ indie animator.
Somewhat. Picked Aaron Alexovich’s “serenity rose” comic which is quite modern. Took in the thickness of line, 2 layer shading and how his selective of which parts to colour while rest in black and white.  Should have analysed the style more and made multiple attempts at drawing characters and environments, because for the character I essentially just coloured it.

 Aimed at mature audience.
Yes it mentions a pet slave with sawed off limbs and   removed teeth, Violence.
The character designs, environment and reboot idea could have been changed to be for a more mature audience.

In the future need to think of the actual today adult audience is like and what may or may not apply to them.

Summarise a story and visual style.
Yes, but could have summarised it even more.

Characters slide
I should of added more characters for example draw an alien as well as different attempts on the same character. Could have drawn the characters in different perspectives and short gifs of how they moved. I could have changed the characters a bit more. In the future need to look more of the weight of line.

Reboot idea
The story was pretty weak, could have done a lot more to it.
The original background clashed with the words so decided to  make the backgrounds black. this made the slides boring. Could have edited the background images on Photoshop then put them back into PowerPoint so it would be easier to rest the words.  I could have put more thought into the backgrounds and proved relevant background images to the topic of the slides.

Size of words
They were not consistent per slide.  I should made them a consistent size then fill the gaps with images.

Research analysis
For example   in the slide “original animation” mainly described the story.  In the future I need to lay it out better, analysis the art style more,  have  an overview of topics,  be more selective of what I talk about, better explain of how they can be  adapted to the modern day and why.

Zombie v robot pt 9 : evaluation

 “roughly 1 minute” long
Yes the animation is close to 1 minute with the duration being exactly 1 minute long.

mp4 format   at 1280 x 720
Yes the animation is in that settings

The arm of zombie vs   the arm of a robot
yes and no.
Yes the animation depicts a zombie and robot arm
“ vs” not  so much according to feedback not much people picked up on  the  competition between the two.
In conclusion, I should of made it more clear with for example a scoreboard heads up display, or a montage of the robot grabbing different toys out of the machine and a montage of the zombie arm struggling to hit the moles/ hit the wrong ones with the machine shouting “loser”.

Limited set:
Yes its literally two machines in a room.

The camera angles.
~The camera angles are a bit chaotic and the framing was wrong, because of   my poor choice of camera angles the miss a few details because the viewers is concentrating on something else.  For example, the drop of the prize and it going back up when the zombie have a go is not clear.  One of the camera angles used when the zombie starts up the machine, you cannot see her struggle to reach the furthest whack a mole.

~Do not really see the robot arm turning around when the zombie arm knock over the mallet.
~The amount of movement of the actual camera wasn’t needed, I should of just kept it still instead of have it follow the characters in some of the shots.
If where to do it again would:  cut down on amount of camera angles, the speed in which the camera goes, pick different angles and framing sizes.

~ Need to do better editing together.
~Unfortunately in this project had to use a mixture of   sound off the internet mixed in with the sound I recorded Because of the lack of time.
Better time management and planning is needed In the future. While in the arcade I should have recorded in longer sessions so the audio would have sounded as choppy or actually plan and record the individual elements of what makes arcade sounds separately in a sound booth then put it together.

Actual intention:
The robot arm keeps winning, zombie arm keep losing and gets frustrated. Smashes machine to steal the brain cat hat.

Did I actually meet the intention:
From feedback:
people   mentioned about the frustration about the zombie but no mention of the robot arm.
One  person mentioned the cat brain hat as a key item.
In conclusion, I should have more shots of the brain cat and held the frames longer.

That the  location is a  arcade
From  feedback, yes
people mentioned that’s it’s in a arcade however mentioned    that more set pieces might bring out more of the arcade feel, another mentioned “the room is so isolated it just seems abnormal”
– In conclusion I should of put something on the walls and  some machines in the dark.

 If I were to do things again:
~ Better time management so have time to record sound and other things.
~ More thought on sound and sound arrangement.
~camera angles.
~ Timing.
~ The pink boxes would change the colour and actually put images on them.
~Put in a montage of the robot arm taking out his prizes from the machine to make it clear that he keeps winning.
~Learn how to use dynamics and actually implement it with the machine shattering.
~The lighting, the lighting was terrible so resulted   using Maya software for the majorty and  samll bits with mental ray.  If I implemented better lighting wouldn’t of wasted time trying to render mental ray  and  end up not using most of it.
~shadows   test the shadow   settings before rendering.
~ More test renders in general before actual rendering.
~ Take the shine off the card because of the shine; it was hard to see the words on the card.

In conclusion:
I just need to practice everything in general, learn the program more.  Do not overlook lighting and sound as well as do plenty of test renders before the actual lengthy render. Better time management to be able to fit changes at the end.

orgin part 11: Evaluation


A character in the style of a golden age illustrator/ cartoonist/ animator

Mainly no from the feedback.

Yes because:
chose to   do “ Jack Kirby” and “ Will Eisner” who both had work within the golden age period.
Took note of  the two artist with The lines of the  eg the nose and  mouth.

The bra section pattern inspired by Jack kibys  Hela character, noticed in that character there’s what appears to be black  circles a line In the middle then rest is green. So incorporated: black  dots and a line, then the rest green in the bra section
No because: the extra bright green outline around the black lines  and the shade of green is wrong, if i took it out/ changed the  shade it would of matched Jack kirby’s style more.

Black outlines– in the style of Will Eisner

Dress shape– it somewhat fits Will Eisner style with the character being ridiculously small from the hip on his p”gell character It goes straight down then flares out.
It turns into a no, because in my character I’ve done the same but   before it flares out it goes inwards.

Characters silhouette:
yes, made the character  have: a hour glass  silhouette, big breasts, small waist  and a large butt.  From the research of golden age  comic book artist characters, that’s  what  it commonly portrayed.
However in my Vena character  exaggerated it  further. This exaggeration in  shape made  it somewhat no, it does not follow characters silhouette.

The second reason made the character have a large butt, is to balance out the sheer weight of  7 breasts so  the character wont topple over.

Intention of silhouette:
Somewhat failed my own intention of the  characters silhouette, because  accidentally made it look like a mermaid, its not a mermaid.

No because:
Was more focused on putting plant elements in.The marks I used to shade some sections of  the character  doesn’t match the  artists style. In terms of shading to  match the artists more i should of used black for shading then some base  color for ” light”.

A turnaround including front, ¾, side, ¾ back and back view
yes I have drawn these 5 poses.

 Expression sheet with at least 5 facial expressions
yes drew 6
Originally wanted to do  the exact same expression for  multiple different emotions, but desired to  make each one subtle instead.

2 story telling poses:

yes drew 5.

800 words backstory / creation legend

If 10% below or above 800 words counts. Yes
The word count totaled to 879 words.

While writing the backstory, ignored word count to get the story down but
because of the limiting   800 word count,   had to drastically cut It down many sections of the original version and changed vats amounts. For example cut out the section what she does when her horrible ex-husband that comes through, what she actually does when under the demon hag and why she  has a  tree with hanging skin in her lair in another project, FGM,how her legs was binded when she was a child,  the extent of how cruel they treated Vena when she was alive but at the same time how well she was treated compared to her “sister” . How even though she was taught about plants she still ate poisonous plants “unknowingly”. However thought  what was included was enough to hint at those topics.

In conclusion: I should of  created a questionnaire then changed the  backstory to scale or add anything to the story.

For the character to look feminine:
yes, evidence: feedback, as  well as the fact  he has breasts on display, a  hour glass silhouette normality associated for an “ ideal  women” .

Character looking powerful and elegant
evidence: feedback

Resemble a plant:
yes because of the use of colours and shapes
evidence: feedback someone mentioned it looked like a plant demon.

If where to do the project again would:
-Be more careful of smoothness and cleanness of lines/ shading.
– make the lamb actually resemble more of a lamb.
-From feedback, people mentioned the character looked like shes cradling the lamb, if where to do it again would make it more visibly breast feeding.
-Put more planning before actually writing the back story for example carefully designate a certain amount of words per topic.
-write her meeting with the plant god and how they become their boss.
-work on anatomy
-pay attention more to the artist styles
– A larger range of emotions, because the character does not really show much of emotion in the face.  Should of  added in  for example a hand gesture expression sheet/ more movement to the head/ the hood could of changed shape to show a wider range of emotions.

In conclusion: I have largely failed this brief, because the  main point of the brief was to draw a character in the style of a chosen people in the golden age. No one thought it looked liked the style of the 2 chosen  people.

Alter ego part9: Evaluation

1 min long requirement
-The short version: yes
-The full version no

The full version of the animation did not meet this requirement because it overran by  29 seconds.  With the total duration of 1:29 however the short version meets this requirement.

3D animation requirement
yes the animations fulfilled this.

File format at 1280 x 720
yes the animation fulfilled this requirement.

Animated exploration of 4 internal linked lit and set dressed spaces
short version: yes and no
yes because it contains 4 internal linked lit areas: long hallway, the walking through round hallway,  top floor  room, then falling to the   2nd floor.
No because:  the exploration seems a bit broken, mainly due to the camera

Full version: yes and no.
Yes because it contains 9 spaces
no because you can’t see half the items in the rooms, the room with the candle and stones was the worst, because it was moving to fast.

Set spaces that best represent my characters secret life:
The lair contains an area to lure in victims,  then they get killed and the tree containing skin where the   character  takes the victims skin to weigh the sins

If animation fulfilled the intention:
from the feedback: no
Most people seem to think it’s some psychological thing where  it’s about the viewers state of mind.
It’s not that at all.

The top floor has an unwanted atmosphere to it due to:  poor camera movement and an attempt on the fix it in the editing process. The intention of the top floor   was supposed to seem normal and luring.
It ended up   looking more chaotic then planned.
inetion ect write uppart 2 inetion ect write up


Appropriate use of sound
from feedback yes but the volume in some areas are disproportionate.
in conclusion: the volume of all the sounds need to be controlled In the future.

What worked well
Made a thing

 What didn’t work well
mainly the camera and volume of sound.

If where to do the animation again would:
– during the concept stage should of thought of one large detailed place with for instance 4 corners as    four separate spaces with  detailed   items instead of  8 floors of simple items.  Because it took a lot of time trying to fill up the empty spaces.

If there was more time: put more time into researching  different type of doors, handles,  items, history of lights  in different time periods.

Show the doors in the animation.
Start at the outside of the building.

Leave a week and a half purely for lighting, camera movement and rendering.
-Add more sound effects seems like its missing sound effects for example crashing through   each floor, because this might emphasis the falling.
– hold the frames on key items/ slow the pace of the camera on those key items.
– be more mindful of the volume of the sound so people won’t get unconformable to listening to the animation.
-add illuminating bugs flying around on the floor with the tree, to illustrate it’s a natural light source just like the character is deeply rooted in nature.
Have different light source on each floor to illustrate the history of lights as if each floor was made in different time periods.
– Stronger cut scenes to the skin on the tree.
– create items with lower amount of polys so it renders faster.
-Better lighting.

In conclusion:
-Better time management is needed.
(To for instance divide the time to have more time for: lighting, camera, rendering and editing the animation together with sound.)
-Better file management.
(Then my files wound not of got corrupted as mainly times it did, meaning losing time to actually create the animation)
-Need to learn how to   create items with good topology   so the texturing would look less distorted
-Need to learn how to texture correctly.
– learn how to correctly place and change light setting in a scene.